An evil Saitama could be on the way

Late, A punch offered some multi-dimensional and parallel universe theories that could potentially explain the course the series will take. The final chapters had a ton of action, and there were certain elements that seemed to shock the entire fan base.

Although it was on the surface level, fans also got a glimpse of Blast’s abilities when he attempted to incapacitate Garou. What followed seems to have confirmed the fact that A punch explores alternate universes and fans think there might be another version of Saitama who is evil.

However, it’s important to note that this article is just exploring fan theories and the existence of another Saitama has yet to be confirmed.

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A punch fan theories suggest the existence of an evil Saitama

In the last A punch chapters, fans saw Saitama being able to time travel. The series also gave us a look at some of Blast’s comrades who engage in intergalactic and multidimensional combat. This was enough proof to show that the series has expanded its universe and is ready to explore some advanced concepts like parallel universes.

The way God has been hyped up on the show has led fans to believe that he might be the show’s main antagonist that the heroes must defeat in order to protect all of humanity.

God Has DescendedSc: One Punch Man ch. 164 Redraw

However, there is little to no information available to fans since God as a character has not been explored properly. But fans think he’s capable of raising an entire army by having a binding contract and giving them ridiculous amounts of power.

It’s possible that Saitama from a parallel universe could seek the powers of God and become an evil being. If Saitama from a parallel universe is given a full transmission of God powers, he could be just as strong as the Saitama we know and love.

According to fan theories, God should have intervened as Saitama continued his training and that’s when he received the powers of God. If so, he could draw Saitama’s true powers and finally challenge the Caped Baldy, something of everything A punch fan wants to witness.

However, the reason Saitama in the current universe would win is because of his limitless potential that he realized after completing his training. However, Evil Saitama might be one of the biggest threats the Caped Baldy could face in the future.

The reason why God was able to bring an evil Saitama out of another dimension could be because this entity witnessed the fight that took place between Garou and Saitama.

Since Garou can time travel, there is no doubt that God has the potential to do so and could enter the same timeline that Saitama came to defeat Garou.

If God decided to do something like this, it would force Saitama, Blast, and his comrades to team up in an all-out war against God. However, fans have to wait patiently A punch confirms this theory.

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