Anime “Scientists” Explain The Logic Behind Saitama’s Unlimited Power In Chapter 167

A punch progresses at a steady pace and fans see some of the strongest characters in full force. Saitama and Garou have been at it for a few chapters and it looks like the fight won’t stop anytime soon. The final chapter had a ton of material for fans to enjoy and it seems to have sparked a ton of discussion surrounding Saitama’s true powers.

The Caped Baldy has always been quite powerful in the series. However, fans never experienced its full potential, and the final chapters certainly shocked them. Let’s take a look at some of the fans trying to explain the logic behind Saitama’s combat abilities in A punch.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers for the manga series (Chapter 167).

A punch : Fans Try To Explain The Truth Behind Saitama’s Powers Displayed In Chapter 167

Before we get into Saitama’s true potential and understand how strong he is in A punchit is important to understand how the series was written and what genre it is classified into.

Most of the circumstances and characters are awkward, and the Animanga series is considered a gag series. More often than not, logic cannot be applied when fans try to explain an anomaly.

Or a simple retcon on his behalf and on behalf of murata. Then as the fight begins, garou uses his hyper space portal abilities on saitama in which he kicks and even grabs effortlessly, it’s nothing but non-physical interaction and doesn’t bother. directly adapts to anything.

The reason why the whole A punch the fanbase has a ton of talk surrounding this because of what the Caped Baldy did to Garou during their fight.

Garou was unable to understand the flow of all energy and forces in the universe which allowed him to create hyperspace gates, allowing him to teleport whenever he wished.

When Garou did this, Saitama was able to push back the hyperspace gate. Saitama also managed to catch it during the fight against Garou.

The A punch the protagonist was able to cling to something that shouldn’t have had a shape. This confuses fans, and many of them believe that the logic cannot be applied to Saitama.

It makes sense because A punch does not adhere to logic in many areas. However, another fan had an interesting take on Saitama as a character and talked about how he was able to achieve the things he did over the course of the series.

According to this fan, the Caped Baldy cannot be seen as just a character in the series, but as a glitch in the universe. When we observe other characters, their powers are usually justified using logic to some degree.

Even Garou’s insane power has been vindicated by the author stating that he has the ability to understand the flow of all energy and force in the universe. Saitama cannot be bound by the rules of the universe and therefore has the absurd strength that no other character has. Saitama believes this was due to his 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 10 miles of running every day.

However, stamina training cannot grant him the powers he displayed in the recent chapter. He could be considered a glitch in the universe, which allows him to have unlimited power.

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