Baby Saitama, a revolutionary ERC-20, based on a deflationary meme token

Washington, DC–(Newsfile Corp. – November 10, 2021) – As of November 05, 2021, Baby Saitama is trading with a price change of 3.6% in the last hour. BABYSAITAMA has a trading volume of $553,622.00. Baby Saitama isn’t just another coin. It’s a community of people committed to helping them grow and learn more about personal finance while making the world a better place through free donations.


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According to the team, “We want to bring good education to children in third world countries, especially education about technology and cryptocurrency. The next white paper will present plans for the creation of an organization that helps orphan children in need with gifts and independence.”

Today the time has come and Bitcoin will soon be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The team aspires to build a strong community to participate in many charitable and voluntary activities. The team says, “We want to use blockchain technology to build apps that can solve big problems like water purification, health care to improve quality of life.”

Baby Saitama (BABYSAITAMA) is currently ranked as the #10137 cryptocurrency according to its market capitalization. The price of BABYSAITAMA has increased by 13.86% in the last 24 hours. Baby Saitama is currently trading on 2 crypto exchanges, and the maximum supply is capped at 100,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. Of that total, 50% was burned in its initial supply and about 57% of the circulating supply has been burned to date, while the rest is still floating in the market.

Apart from that, the project has adopted a unique tokenomics, which makes it both reflective and deflationary. Each transaction incurs a 4% fee, of which 2% is returned to the holders, and 2% is burned by sending it to a dead wallet. Additionally, ownership of the token was recently relinquished and is visible on EtherScan.

It has already launched its own featured NFT marketplace under BabyNFTs, which attracts huge visitors every day. The project does not stop there, and their team is already working on the realization of its own Play-to-Earn game which will be launched very soon.

The three main objectives of Baby Saitama are to provide owners with a significant investment, to integrate functional and essential operating conditions and ecosystems for the entire project. The team wants to use its growing success as a vehicle to restore selected organizations that help the poor.

Baby Saitama has many unique traits to become a big hit in the crypto space. In terms of price, the Saitama baby has the exceptional ability to reach new heights. Baby Saitama is expected to increase its price. The project also serves a new purpose of using blockchain technology to improve businesses in inventory management and even customer reward programs. The project is currently in the 2nd stage of its roadmap and is steadily progressing towards its destiny.

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