Bitgert is the trending piece among Safemoon, Saitama Inu, Babydoge and Floki Inu

by Analytics Insight

March 3, 2022

The Bitgert chain has no gas fees, which is one of the main reasons why it is trending compared to other cryptocurrencies.

The battle for the best cryptocurrency is getting tougher and tougher, with each project working hard to outperform the others in the industry. Product launch has been the focus of competition, but Bitgert has taken a step ahead of the rest with the launch of its own blockchain. That’s why it is the most trending project among Safemoon, Floki Inu, Babydoge and Saitama Inu.

Despite being one of the youngest crypto projects, Bitgert has also delivered more products than most of its competitors. Learn more about Bitgert and why he beats Safemoon, Floki Inu, Babydoge and Saitama Inu in trending:


Bitter has shown impressive growth and development over the past seven months. The team launched several products, but it was the launch of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain that steered the project. The Bitgert channel has no gas charges, which is one of the main reasons it’s trending on Safemoon, Floki Inu, Babydoge, and Saitama Inu. This is the first chain without gas and it is also the fastest chain on the market today. However, blockchain with no gas fees is the reason Bitgert is all the rage.


the centcex project could be one of the most competitive cryptocurrencies in the coming days. The project is just over three months old, but it is already doing very well for such a young project. The market capitalization of Centcex is growing impressively and the number of holders is increasing rapidly. The Centcex network will host unlimited products, which means huge staking rewards in the future. Along with Centcex 100% GST staking, this is one of the projects to watch.


The slow build and launch of the Safemoon project is why Bitgert outperformed it. Despite being the longest running project and massive price growth in the first few months of launch, Safemoon is struggling to deliver. There are few Safemoon products that have been launched. The team only managed to launch two projects, with Safemoon V2 being the most recent. For almost an entire year, only two products have been launched so far.


The other crypto project surpassed by Bitgert is Babydoge. There has been a lot of growth around token holders and also market capitalization, but very little on products. Apart from the Babydoge card and the mobile application, there is little information on the products. With the launch of the BRC20 blockchain by Bitgert, it left Babydoge several miles behind. The Babydoge team will have to do a lot of product development to make the project more competitive against Bitgert.

Floki Inu

The Floki Inu project was also trend-outperformed by Bitgert, following the launch of the BRC20 blockchain. Although Bitgert was still doing better than Floki before the launch of the BRC20 blockchain, the blockchain made BRISE more popular. The Floki Inu team is working to develop more projects for its gaming platform, but they are still few compared to Bitgert. The Floki team will need to build more powerful products, including its own blockchain, to compete with Bitgert.

Saitama Inu

With the rapid pace at which Saitama Inu is developing, he might continue to be left behind by Bitgert. The Saitama team has already launched a number of products in 2022, with the arrival of the SaitaMask being one of the most significant developments. The team also launched the Saitama Reality, and more projects are on the way. But there is a huge gap between Saitama Inu’s performance and what Bitgert has achieved so far. Bitgert is one step ahead, and that’s why he’s on top of the trends.

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