Can anyone in One Punch Man beat Saitama?

A punch is one of the most popular manga series that has found a way to incorporate some of the best action sequences and pair them with top notch comedy.

Saitama, the protagonist of the series, is so strong that he is able to defeat his enemies with a single punch if he wants to. This has been the case for many monsters that challenged him as their fate was decided the moment they launched an attack on the Baldy Hood.

However, most fans seem to have a question that has come up on many social media platforms and forums. They want to know if the Caped Baldy will ever meet a person/entity capable enough to defeat him.

Let’s take a look at the possibility of Saitama losing a fight in the A punch series.

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A punch : What are the chances of a character defeating Saitama?

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It is highly unlikely that Saitama will be defeated in A punch. Let’s understand why this is the case. First, this series does not follow most of the conventions that a typical shonen series would follow. This is a gag manga series, and many elements of the manga are not meant to make sense.

But one thing that makes absolutely no sense is how the Caped Baldy got so strong. He was just an ordinary human being looking for a job who received constant rejections. One day, he saved a ball-chinned kid from Crablante and decided to become a hero for fun.

The workout routine that made him so powerful was nothing but intermediate strength and cardiovascular training. This routine consisted of a 10 kilometer run, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats. Considering Mumen Rider’s daily activity, he probably trained his muscles more than Saitama. This training routine led to Saitama becoming the strongest character in A punch so far.

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That being said, the idea of ​​Saitama finding a tough opponent who could defeat him isn’t far-fetched. The Caped Baldy always dreamed of an opponent who would challenge him and push him to his limits. Therefore, the final antagonist of the series might challenge Saitama, but the opponent is unlikely to defeat Saitama.

The Caped Baldy was pitted against someone who understood the flow of energy and force. Despite Were being able to implement nuclear fission into his attacks, he could not defeat Saitama.

Garou vs Saitama is the definition of cutting edge fighting manga

The fight revealed two crucial points that could prove why Saitama will not be defeated in the series.. The narrator and Garou mentioned that Saitama has unlimited potential, and despite the lack of challenge, he is constantly growing. This means that even if someone is strong enough to eventually push Saitama at his limits, the Caped Baldy will overtake him and proceed to defeat his opponent.

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