Could Saitama from One-Punch Man actually survive his own punch?

One-Punch Man’s Saitama is famous for being able to defeat any enemy with a single attack, but could Saitama himself survive that iconic punch?

In One-punch man #5, while watering his cactus, a mosquito arrives and tries to bite Saitamathe hand. Annoyed, Saitama slips on the bug but misses. He glides again, seemingly hitting the dead insect only to see it fly away again. Increasingly frustrated to the point of becoming enraged, Saitama furiously swings at the insect to get him to escape his blows. Finally, it lands on Saitama’s temple, to which he responds with a well-placed slap to the side of the head. Amazingly, not only does the Mosquito escape the strike, but Saitama himself is “no more uncomfortable”. While the scene provides a humorous introduction to the evil mosquito, it also raises the question; Can Saitama take his own punch?


Saitama’s strengths and abilities are simple yet effective. If he gets close enough to hit an opponent with his fists, his “punch” will knock them out. So far he has used these skills with devastating results. Indeed, a list of those who succumbed to the “one-punch” includes a cavalcade of incredibly powerful monsters and villains. Despite such accolades, Saitama’s abilities have become a source of frustration, even to himself. His enormous strength means that no villain can truly challenge Saitama in One-punch man. However, as the scene with the mosquito among the many opponents who have been punched by Saitama suggests, the only person who seems most able to withstand the unstoppable force of his one-punch technique is Saitama himself.

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From a purely physical standpoint, Saitama should be able to survive his punch. This is because the dynamics that allow a fist, arm, torso and legs to be able to generate a large outward force towards an opponent are not present to support such a large inward force towards one’s own. body, especially if the target of the strike is his own. head. That is to say, even as powerful as Saitama is, he wouldn’t be able to produce the same punch he gave Centichoro to his face or body. It might be painful, but it would be possible to survive.

Second, there’s the fact that most people seem to have a natural tendency to avoid actions that intentionally hurt themselves. In other words, even if Saitama would be able to physically deliver the same punch he inflicts on an opponent, it would be mentally unlikely that he would deliver it with the same force. In other words, no matter how badly he might want to knock himself out, seeing his fist coming to his face, forehead, or chest, his mind would likely institute some degree of reactive control so that the strike wouldn’t be not to its full capacity. As they demonstrated trying to kill the Mosquito, the automatic self-control would prevent Saitama from hitting himself with the same force he would use on an opponent.

Third, there is the mental aspect of his style. Although he could knock most people out, some opponents were able to withstand his blows. The ability to resist, however, is not based on their own abilities, but rather Saitama’s feelings towards them. That is, if Saitama cares about them or believes it’s unjustified to give them all his strength, then he won’t hit them with all his might. Assuming Saitama loves himself, he’s also unlikely to use his full ability to hit himself.

Finally, there’s the fact that apart from his punching power, One-punch man is one of the most resilient superheroes in the world. It comes from Saitamais a rigorous, yet simple, workout regimen. Indeed, he has withstood the best his opponents have given him and rarely walks away with a scratch. Accordingly, there is no evidence to suggest that he would be physically unable to resist even his own attack by One-punch man.

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