Does Saitama have a real weakness? Explain

A punchit is Saitama is known for his boundless strength, speed, and endurance. He is seemingly invincible, able to destroy one of Jupiter’s moons simply by his sneeze.

With the form of devastation that could be possible with Saitama’s hands or nose, in the situation mentioned above, it’s hard to recognize that Saitama may have a weakness.

In one of the most popular A punch episodes, where Saitama is angry at a mosquito, we see him miss his target again and again. While that might sound like a weakness his enemies could exploit, it could just be played as comic relief.

Meanwhile, A punch Chapter 163 of the manga may have just revealed Saitama’s greatest weakness. Let’s take a closer look.

Do One Punch Man’s Saitama has a weakness?

Yes, Saitama has a weakness, as he lacks proper combat technique and combat training. In A punch chapter 163, we saw Garou unleashing a rampage of attacks on Saitama. Here, Saitama tries to fight back, however, Garou was able to counter all of Saitama’s moves, causing him to miss a few of his shots. This aggravated Saitama and he questioned Garou about his fighting technique.

Garou was quick to answer this question, saying it was his ultimate martial arts technique. Garou realized that Saitama was fast and had good speed to respond to his moves, however, he could see openings in Saitama’s moves, which he could take advantage of.

Garou claimed that Saitama’s lack of technique would be the reason why he would definitely win the battle. He even went on to state that Saitama’s lack of technique allowed him to read his every move.

Garou's Big Power Attack (Image via VIZ Media)
Garou’s Big Power Attack (Image via VIZ Media)

After that, Garou, taking advantage of Saitama’s weakness, hits him with two of his strong moves, God Slayer Ascending Attack and Great Power Attack. Although these attacks do no damage to Saitama, they prove that Saitama has a weakness, allowing his opponents to find openings against him.

While this weakness doesn’t prove his defeat, it does prove that Saitama could be in danger if he were to face a formidable foe, perhaps prophesied as the greatest catastrophe.

What is the cause of Saitama’s weakness?

One Punch Man’s Saitama is very much a gag character as he acts as a parody of the many shounen anime with a strong protagonist. Because of this, Saitama was given seemingly implausible powers through meager human training methods.

Saitama’s training regime lasted three years, during which he did 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups and 100 squats every day, followed by a 10 km run to top it off. This is a very normal training method for many real-life people, so it’s impossible to match the strength that Saitama possesses.

Saitama is training to be a hero (Image via Madhouse)
Saitama is training to be a hero (Image via Madhouse)

However, Saitama’s training itself is the cause of his weakness. Unlike other Heroes Association heroes who trained in a particular form of martial arts, Saitama, as he mentioned, only had basic training.

If Saitama were to train in some form of martial arts, he would become even more formidable. Right now, he fights solely based on his strength, speed, and instinct. However, doing combat training would help Saitama gain some combat savvy, eliminating his weakness completely.

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