Dragon Ball Z’s Goku takes on One Punch Man’s Saitama in fan-made video you won’t believe

As the power of the charismatic Goku has grown (immeasurably and ridiculously) over the years, fans of the Dragon Ball franchise have often wondered how the Saiyan hero would fare against some of popular culture’s most formidable foes. This led to somewhat knotty and rarely concluded debates as angry internet commentators bickered over who would win between him and the likes of Superman.

The main character of the One Punch Man anime, Saitama, is somehow the most powerful being (at least in his world). He hasn’t really been harmed by enemies yet, tends to kill them with a single punch, and eventually faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he’s now too powerful to draw any thrill from the battle. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he and Goku had a fight?

An incredibly talented animator who goes by the hilt Starc1 offers us a possible outcome to this fantastic battle in a video that looks like it has an entire crew of top notch workers behind it.

While not primarily known as fighting game characters, both characters have been featured in fighting games as Goku appears multiple times in 2017’s Dragon Ball FighterZ (along with a ton of other titles) and Saitama appears in 2020’s One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

Saitama’s abilities and lack of weaknesses bring him closer to the kid on the playground who has always increased his powers to surpass everyone during imaginative playtime, and so we have a hard time imagining anybody successfully defeat him. That said, Goku tends to find himself in equally impossible situations all the time and somehow manages to always rise to the occasion somehow.

Experience the battle as Etoilec1 takes us on an adventure that not only does justice to the characters, but also to the anime’s worlds, storytelling pace, and presentation style we’re used to seeing with these two -the. Let us know what you think of all of this after viewing in the comments, and check out Patreon d’Etoilec1 if you would like to support them and see more of this kind of amazing art.

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