Every Saitama Vs. Garo Fight (So Far)

The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 159, “Source of Anxiety”, by One, Yusuke Murata, John Werry and James Gaubatz, available in English via Viz Media.

fans of One-punch man have long seen similarities to Garo and Saitama. Garo’s drive for power and exponential growth has many wondering if the Hero Hunter will ever be able to match the power level of the Bald Cape, which only adds further hype for future meetings. While their most recent encounter is the most exciting yet, it’s not the first time they’ve traded blows.

Garo has assaulted Saitama before, though none of his attacks actually hurt the hero. Saitama has yet to put forth an effort to fend off the Hero Hunter. Here’s Every Moment These Two Have Made Contact So Far One-punch man.

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After learning about a possible cash prize, Saitama agreed to enter a martial arts competition in Charanko’s place. He then starts looking for a wig to make his disguise more convincing. Meanwhile, Garo was walking through the entertainment district when he saw a particular member of the Hero Association bragging about his status to some ladies. When the poor guy offered to introduce Sweet Mask to the girls, Garo appeared and knocked him out. That’s when Saitama appeared.

Saitama commented that he found the correct one after looking everywhere, which Garo assumed was in reference to him. Thinking the Bald Cape was a hero keeping an eye on him, the Hero Hunter threw a quick helping hand. The attack was strong enough to pin Saitama to the ground – however, annoyed by the sudden interruption of his shopping, Saitama returned the same blow and knocked Garo out.

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Garo tries to assault the strongest man

Saitama and Garo’s second meeting in One-punch man came when the Bald Cape protected King from the Hero Hunter’s attack. At the time, Saitama was talking to King about his woes, discussing the lack of excitement that came with being unprecedented. While King initially thought Saitama was referring to his hair, he offered his friend some meaningful advice – which he stole from some manga.

At this time, Garo was suffering from the injuries he sustained while battling Watchdog Man. Garo spotted King and Saitama walking together but his eyes were focused on the former, whom he wanted to hunt. He claimed to feel no pain and rushed towards King – but before he could strike, Saitama had already kicked Garo into a wall.

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Garo Dines and Dashes – and Saitama too

Garo and Saitama’s third encounter is more comical than the first two. Saitama had just finished eating when he realized he didn’t have his wallet with him. As he was considering his life decisions, Blizzard came to ask him to join their party. Saitama had other plans though; he ordered another plate of fries and offered it to Blizzard, which the latter gratefully accepted. As if on cue, Garo’s dashing and dashing announcement came. Saitama took off in a heartbeat in pursuit of Garo, leaving Blizzard to foot the bill.

Garo witnessed Tareo being bullied and decided to help the child, allowing Saitama to catch up to him. But instead of capturing Garo, the bald cape simply let him go with a warning. The Hero Hunter took this as the hero who took pity on him, so he went and hit Saitama. Afraid of getting in trouble for being an accomplice, Saitama reflexively punched the Hero Hunter, knocking him out once more.

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Garo and Saitama’s most anticipated battle yet

Garo and Saitama’s last encounter in One-punch man came when they eliminated Centisennin and Evil Ocean Water respectively. Saitama went to Garo, thinking he was the Monster King. Garo indeed presented himself as a monster and continued to complain about being absolute evil. The Bald Cape ignored him, thinking he wasn’t really a monster. Garo, ticked off by Saitama’s lack of healing, launched a sneak attack – only to be sent flying by Saitama’s reflexive punch.

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