Has Saitama ever lost in the One Punch Man manga?

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One Punch Man’s The protagonist, Saitama, is one of the strongest characters in the entire series, and it’s been proven time and time again. However, some of the best fights that have challenged Saitama the most have taken place in recent manga chapters. Those who have only watched the anime might have questions about Saitama’s battles against his most powerful enemies, which is only natural.

But one thing most anime fans want to know is if Saitama has ever lost a fight on the show. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the fights that could have pushed the Caped Baldy to his limits and understand if anyone has ever defeated him.

A punch : Has Saitama ever lost a fight?

We know the Caped Baldy has been in plenty of fights against ridiculously powerful opponents. One of the first fights that showed his strength was against the Deep Sea King. In this fight, Genos, an S-class hero, lost to this monster, but Saitama managed to defeat him with a single punch, which also changed the weather in this region.

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Since then, he hasn’t lost any of those fights on the show. However, the only fight that came close to testing his true potential was his fight against Garou in the association of monsters arch of One punch man. Let’s see how he fared against the Hero Hunter in the manga.

The close call with Garou

Saitama was forced to take this fight very seriously after Garou killed Genos. Saitama resorted to several serious punches but Garou survived them all. It’s a clear indication that he was the strongest villain Saitama had faced in the series to date. Additionally, during the fight, Saitama used three distinct serious moves – Serious Punch, Serious Table Flip, and Serious Sneeze. The last serious move sent them both into space where Garou attempted to send Saitama into the sun.

Saitama holding Genos’ heart/core as he walks in to punch Garou is sad but it’s actually poetic at the same time because the first time we got a glimpse of “Serious” Saitama was when he and Genos faced off for the first time… 😢 https://t.co/fC2UABEVoZ

Garou failed and he eventually realized his misdeeds, after which he taught Saitama time travel to defeat him in the past. During this fight, not only did Saitama win, but two important points were highlighted: Saitama’s limitless potential and his constant growth as a fighter. Despite being given powers by God, Garou couldn’t do anything to defeat the Caped Baldy. Suffice it to say that Saitama hasn’t lost a single fight in the A punch manga so far.

Will Saitama ever lose a fight in A punch ?

Depending on how things turn out, the unknown entity, God, could be the main antagonist Saitama has to face. Either that or there could be a much more powerful threat from a different dimension that would be explored later by the mangaka. That being said, Saitama is unlikely to lose a fight due to his limitless potential and perpetual growth. On the other hand, the series could create a monster so strong that Saitama would finally be thrilled to have a worthy opponent. It will be interesting to see how the plot progresses over time. Only then will fans know if there will come a time when Saitama’s limits will be tested.

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