How did Saitama get his powers and become strong

Saitama is indeed very strong to be able to take down any villain, or literally anyone, with a single punch. Apart from that, he adds to his arsenal his sense of humor which could easily entice anyone watching A punch rolling on the ground laughing. But how did Saitama achieve this level of strength? Where did he get these powers?

How did Saitama get his powers and become strong?

Saitama says it’s just a series of 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats and a 10km run each day. He did this so hard that he lost his hair in the process, hence his iconic shiny bald head. Due to his training, he also has good reflexes and good timing. In all his fights, his strength is unmatched, he remains undefeated.

Imagine a character so strong he could take out any bad guy or anyone with a single punch because he’s just doing it for fun? Saitama is exactly that. Besides his training, there had to be something else, right?

He is known to be the fastest, strongest and most durable character in A punch. He is well versed in hand to hand combat with incredibly high accuracy, strength, stamina, stamina, speed, reflexes and senses. He is immune to all temperature-based attacks and he is invulnerable. If you say Saitama got all of this through his intense training, who would believe he’s just an ordinary guy?

There’s a theory about Saitama’s strength: he’s a monster, not just an ordinary bald guy. Dr. Genus of the House of Evolution suggests that humans have a limiter which, as the name suggests, limits how much strength a human can possess. Such a limiter was put by God himself to prevent humans from crossing the barrier of the “realm without purpose or reason”.

In A punch manga chapter #88, Dr. Genus said, “No matter how hard you try, every living thing has an intrinsic limit to its growth. Too much power becomes unbearable and overwhelms its host, turning it into a senseless, rampaging monster.” leads to the theory that because Saitama has exceeded well beyond that limit, he is, by definition, a monster.

The Limiter could, however, be removed, in theory, by Dr. Genus and Psykos, the Monsters Association’s military advisor. It could be carried away by various trials. They explained that multiple near-death experiences could cause someone to break through their limiters and emerge stronger after a mental and physical transformation resulting in their monstrous appearance and abilities.

In Saitama’s case, his intensive training led to this. Technically, one who undergoes such training is close to death. Who wouldn’t die in such a hardcore training regiment? Personally, I think I wouldn’t go over 20 each, so a one mile run would make me want to freeze my burning legs.

There is already evidence that the Limiter was broken and pushed beyond with the human monster, Garou. He became half-human, half-monster after facing off against the Royal Ripper and Bug God. On the brink of death, he emerged, stronger than ever, and half of his body turned into a monstrosity. This revealed Garou’s true potential.

However, since he’s only half a monster may mean he only has a broken Limiter, he’s not entirely torn to pieces. Half still works, therefore, being only half monstrous. If this Dr. Genus theory holds true, then those who have totally broken their limiters would be blind.

There is a flaw in Dr. Genus’ theory, however: Saitama remains an ordinary, bored, video game-loving human being. He doesn’t go wild; he even takes the hero stuff as just fun fabrication.

If Saitama’s Limiter is still fully intact and still defies all the theories and laws of reality that Dr. Genus has studied for all these years, maybe Saitama is even more than a monster considering all the circumstances, is not it ?

I have to hand it to you, Saitama, you have the strength and the spirit.

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