How strong is Saitama and is there anyone who could beat him?

If you know anything about the anime series A punch, then you know there’s no real limit to Saitama’s powers. The name pretty much says it all; Saitama is so powerful that he was able to defeat many of his opponents with a single punch. Not only that, Saitama has also proven to be virtually indestructible; while repeatedly showing that even characters moving at supersonic speed have trouble keeping up with him. The man is so strong that he can even punch a moving asteroid and blast it into a thousand pieces with a single blow. And the craziest thing is that Saitama has only used 1% of his strength…so far. Simply put, the man is pretty much unbeatable.

But in the anime world, there are a lot of super-powered characters and although Saitama may be unbeatable in his anime, he may need to use more than one punch to defeat. those opponents. Many anime fans would still argue that Saitama would overcome the odds regardless; since he hasn’t used his full power yet and what we’ve seen of him so far is quite comparable to an overpowered character who fights hard.

However, there are super characters whose otherworldly abilities would certainly give Saitama’s brute strength the challenge of a lifetime.

Doctor Strange – Marvel Comics

Most people would consider this an uneven match, but even in A punch, there are no rules for what is allowed in a fight. While Saitama relies on hand-to-hand combat to physically decimate his opponents, Stephen Strange possesses a vast skill set in the mystical arts to deal with unstoppable foes.

Strange could trap Saitama in an alternate reality or throw him somewhere in the Quantum Realm where he could never escape. Or he could twist reality to confuse Saitama before using the Time Stone to immobilize the One Punch Man and destroy him. Yeah, there’s not much a martial arts fighter can do when shaken by magic.

Yagami Light – ‘Death Note’

What if Light Yagami wrote Saitama’s name in his Death Note, could the OP escape the jaws of supernatural death? Although Light Yagami lacks Saitama’s stunning physical attributes, his possession of the Death Note makes him the more dangerous of the two. All Yagami would have to do was raise his fingers, jot down Saitama’s name with a pen, and within seconds the bald crusader would be dead.

And it doesn’t have to be right away either. Light Yagami could write down Saitama’s name when they first meet and designate him for Saitama to do while he’s in his apartment having lunch. Basically, Light could kill Saitama and the poor guy wouldn’t even be aware of it to defend himself.

Accelerator – ‘A Certain Magical Clue’

If you saw A certain magic clue, then you know there aren’t too many characters that can follow an esper. And there certainly aren’t too many who could keep up with the series’ number one esper, Accelerator.

With the ability to control vectors, Accelerator can do anything it thinks of. Whether it’s blowing up volcanoes, completely changing the topography of the landscape, or erasing memories from people’s minds, Accelerator has limitless abilities that even he has yet to fully master.

His impenetrable psychic barrier has the ability to reverse any attack directed at him; so even if Saitama tried to knock out Accelerator with his infamous “one punch”, the superhero would find himself knocked back.

Saiki Kuso-‘The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.’

One of the most powerful mediums in anime, Saiki Kuso is perhaps even more powerful than Accelerator. The character has so many powers that even the show itself couldn’t list them all. But even a few of the abilities in Saiki’s vast arsenal would be enough to cause One Punch Man trouble.

Saiki’s ability to teleport, control minds, alter memories, and curse people with misfortune would be enough to knock Saitama out of his game. would certainly ensure that the character wouldn’t even get close enough to spar with him.

Rimuru Tempest – “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”

Even though Saitama is monstrously strong, it would be difficult to take on a character like Rimuru Tempest. In terms of powerful characters, Rimuru is perhaps the strongest; though they spend most of their time as slime. And that’s probably because Rimuru is literally a god.

As a divine entity, Rimuru can move through time and space, freeze time, and destroy the universe before recreating it to her specifications. Even with all of his blistering speed, Saitama might as well stand still in the eyes of a god like Rimuru. Unless Saitama achieved godhood himself, he couldn’t do much against an opponent like that.

Goku–’Dragon Ball’

One of the few characters physically inclined to truly give Saitama the battle he’s always wanted, Goku is the first and perhaps only martial artist with access to power who could defeat the One Punch Man.

Over the course of the series, Goku has repeatedly proven that one can never assume the depth of his power. All of Goku’s different Super Saiyan forms would give him the speed and strength to take on Saitama, and anything in the Super Saiyan God realm would be strong enough to defeat him.

And then there’s Ultra Instinct. Goku’s mastery of god form scared even the true gods and we’ve seen what he’s capable of. By using Ultra Instinct, Goku would be leagues faster and harder to defend in a fight; which makes it difficult for an OP character like Saitama even if he was using 100% of his power.

Let’s not forget that Goku always tends to unlock more power levels in epic battles against a stronger enemy. If he and Saitama were to go all out, chances are the battle would just force Goku to level up. Basically, the fight between these two would end in either a draw or a drastic ending where Goku blasts Saitama to smithereens with a Kamehameha.

Superman–DC Comics

On the other half of the comic spectrum, we have Superman. While it’s true that Saitama is fast and quite strong, Superman has a host of abilities that will clearly overpower Saitama in a fight. The Last Son of Krypton not only has super speed and strength, but also heat vision and flight. Then he has other abilities like icy breath and waterproof skin. Unless Saitama is walking around in a super Kryptonite-lined suit, he really doesn’t stand a chance against the Man of Steel.

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