Is Saitama emotionless in One Punch Man?

A punch is arguably one of the most popular and beloved modern Shonen Animanga series of our time. Saitama, the protagonist, grew so strong that he could beat some of the strongest characters with a single punch.

While one might be grateful and excited to have powers of this level, the Caped Baldy certainly doesn’t seem to appreciate it. The One Punch Man fanbase wonders if Saitama is emotionless on the show.

A punch : Does Saitama show emotions in the show?

Based on how he reacts to situations over the course of the series, it’s easy to assume he’s a person who can’t show his emotions. However, it would be wrong to call it unemotional.

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Before Saitama became a hero, he was sad that he didn’t pass his job interviews, and the idea of ​​becoming a hero certainly excited him. Pre-bald Saitama showed his emotions.

However, after the “rigorous” training, he became so powerful that no one could challenge him. It’s easy to lose interest in combat when your skills aren’t put to the test.

Each fighter aims to become stronger than they were the day before, just like Saitama. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single person who could challenge the Caped Baldy in A punch.

But when Boros invaded Earth and decided to challenge Saitama, it was observed that Saitama was excited to see his skills challenged.

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Although he didn’t believe Boros would push Saitama’s limits, he was impressed and said the alien was one of the strongest beings he had fought.

Saitama repeatedly showed signs of frustration over the course of the series. Although Saitama was able to defeat some of the most fearsome beings, he certainly couldn’t take out the Mosquito.

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The Caped Baldy was very frustrated when he played a 2D fighting game against King. The latter continuously defeated Saitama as he did not have the same skills as King.

These instances serve as strong supporting evidence that Saitama shows emotions in One Punch Man.

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