Is Saitama even stronger than he seems so far?

At Saitama’s strength has been the topic of discussion among fans ever since A punch made its debut. The Caped Baldy has always been compared to characters like Goku from the dragonball series. However, fans want to know if Saitama has now become stronger than he was on the show.

Many heroes from many shonen series usually stagnate until a training arc is introduced for the character to become stronger than before. However, A punch generally doesn’t adhere to typical shonen tropes and that’s the case with Saitama as well.

While there seems to be no doubt that Saitama has gotten stronger since he was first introduced to the series, let’s see how far he’s progressed.

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A punch : Assess Saitama’s strength and compare it to his power levels in the past

Saitama never really showed us his true potential in the series. However, he came close to it by displaying his power during the fight against Garou after the hero hunter received his powers from this unknown entity called God. This gave Garou the ability to understand the flow of all energy and forces in the universe.

In this fight, there is no doubt that he pushed Saitama to get serious. Not only that, but Garou also survived a barrage of serious punches and other moves in his serious streak.

This showed how strong Garou was compared to the other villains in A punch. Their fight on Io continued for a long time until Saitama’s Serious Series: Serious Sneeze pulled them into space.

Garou attempted to use his portal to teleport Saitama to the sun in order to kill him. However, Saitama managed to break the wind and got behind Garou and shot him down.

Garou realized the error in his ways and even taught Saitama how to time travel, which Caped Baldy perfected on the first try.

Despite all these impressive feats, there were two things in Chapter 168 that confirmed Saitama’s growth in A punch. The first point is that Saitama has unlimited potential as a fighter in the series.

The second thing that the narrator and Garou confirmed is that Saitama was constantly growing and his fighting abilities were improving every day. Were realized this because it was the first time anyone was able to keep up with Saitama and tap into a good chunk of his potential.

@MunstaMasta What Saitama vs Garou showed is that while Saitama’s ability to grow may be limitless, his power at any given time is not. If the gap between him and his opponent is big enough, they would only have to kill him before he finally catches. It’s up to them

There’s no doubt that Saitama is much stronger than he seems due to his limitless potential and his ability to constantly develop as a fighter. Having the ability to time travel would make him the most broken character in A punch.

However, given the nature of A punch and Saitama’s careless attitude, it was no surprise that he had completely forgotten how to time travel. Despite this, he still happens to be one of the strongest characters in the series without a doubt.

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