Is Saitama unlimited like Goku? Explain

Saitama’s A punch and Goku from Dragon Ball series are iconic symbols of strength in the diverse world of anime. Their two respective franchises enjoy immense popularity and fame to this day. However, their communities are constantly neck and neck in debating who is stronger.

While both are incredibly powerful in their universes, the speculation never ceases when it comes to power levels. While many are casually speculating, others take on the challenge by analyzing every scene in their respective manga until they finally come to a conclusion.

Therefore, this article discusses how Saitama from One Punch Man could potentially be as limitless as Goku from Dragon Ball series.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

A punch: Goku is unlimited and Saitama could be too

Recent events in A punch manga

Garou's Cosmic Fear Mode (Image via r/OnePunchMan)
Garou’s Cosmic Fear Mode (Image via r/OnePunchMan)

A punch Chapter 168 cleared away the fog of doubts that fans had in their minds regarding Saitama’s power. Although chapter 167 of the manga featured Garou catching up with Saitama, in the next chapter Saitama completely redeemed himself by wiping out Garou.

The sudden change of pace completely baffled Garou as he hadn’t expected such a devastating comeback. During his visible confusion, Saitama continued to taunt the evil martial artist throughout the rest of the fight. It was then that the truth dawned on Garou that no matter how hard he pushed Saitama, he would push past his limits.

This series of chapters was something else. Saitama vs. Garou probably the best fight I’ve read in a manga so far…

Throughout the chapter, the hilarious events never stopped as Garou struggled to flee with his life still intact, but there was no escaping Saitama. It amazed fans how successful Saitama was in life even when God tried to oppose him. Plus, fans finally realized what the lack of Limiters meant to Saitama.

There is a thin line between unlimited power and unlimited potential. Saitama seems to have unlimited potential, according to Garou’s realization. Not only was Saitama incredibly powerful to begin with, but his powers also seemed to grow at a breakneck pace each time he was pushed to his limits.

Goku’s potential compared to Saitama’s

This astral projection goku will never be cool

Over the Decades, Goku’s Steady Growth Has Never Disappointed dragonball Fans. Goku has always exceeded his limits countless times in his quest to protect Earth and become stronger.

However, since Saitama’s limitless potential was revealed, a fight between Goku and Saitama would probably be fair enough now. Even people like God in the A punch the universe wants to get rid of Saitama. Fans expect Saitama to take him on and dominate him in his own game.

youtube cover

Dragon Ball Super featured flashy fights that raised the bar every time, and fans couldn’t get enough of their favorite protagonist. So nostalgia also played a role in the toxic altercations as communities clashed over who was stronger.

Saitama is more op in the One Punch Man verse than Goku is in the Dragon Ball verse, how is that debatable? Get out of my mentions LOL.

@sethmptp saitama: we shoot everything goku: dead twice

However, it should be noted that the character of Saitama was created in part as a parody of the typical shonen genre. Additionally, the manga illustrator for A punch, Yusuke Murata, always praised dragonball and claimed it was an incredible inspiration for his work.

Final Thoughts

“One Punch-Man” New Color Page by Yusuke Murata & ONE.

Clashes exist only in the respective communities of dragonball and A punch since the creators of these immersive worlds respect each other.

Akira Toriyama, the mangaka of the dragonball series, inspired a new era for anime and manga with its magnum opus, and its contribution to the industry will be forever remembered.

In conclusion, Saitama’s limitless potential can challenge Goku’s ever-increasing strength, and this can be derived from Garou’s interpretation of Saitama’s absolute powers.

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