Is Zeno stronger than Saitama? (& 9 Dragon Ball Gods Who Could Give One Punch Man a Hard Time)

With a single punch, Saitama can destroy most of the strongest villains he’s ever faced, which is no surprise for someone who is able to knock out his limiters and achieve potential. unlimited. His enormous power has been a subject of debate since the beginning of the manga, compared to extremely powerful characters from other manga and anime.

In this list, we’ll see if Saitama’s incredible strength can defeat Zeno-Sama and other gods of the dragonball universe, and whether these gods will grant him the long-awaited showdown our bald hero craves.

Note: This article is solely based on the opinion of the author and will not be presented in any specific order. It contains a spoiler for both Dragon Ball Super and One punch man.

Is Saitama strong enough to take on the Omni-king?

Zeno and future Zeno together (Image via Toei Animation)
Zeno and future Zeno together (Image via Toei Animation)

1) Zeno-Sama

Don’t be fooled by his adorable looks and childish attitude, Zeno is by far the strongest being in the world. dragonball multiverse. With an affinity for fun and a tendency to get bored in an instant, the Omni-king always surprises fans with his attitude and ability.

His mere gaze can paralyze even the strongest of the Gods of Destruction, and his willpower is enough to wipe out anything he wants from existence in an instant. We haven’t seen his combat abilities, but when you’re strong enough to intimidate even the guards who are supposed to protect you, it’s clear you’re on a whole new level.

Even though Saitama’s strength is supposed to be limitless, it’s hard to imagine he could ever defeat someone as strong as Zeno. It’s true that we haven’t seen Saitama’s full power, and his fight with the God of his universe is just around the corner, but until we see him at his full potential, it’s clear that Saitama doesn’t. is more up to Zeno now.

2) The High Priest

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Although technically an angel, we can’t speak of the most powerful god-type entities in the world. dragonball multiverse without thinking of the high priest. Right-hand man to the Omni-king, and supposed to be the second strongest being, the High Priest is someone no one wants to fight against.

His children, the angels who accompanied the Gods of Destruction, considered him stronger than all of them, and he displayed this incredible strength by being able to stop the full-strength assaults of two Gods of Destruction with one finger each during the conflict of the gods. .

With the ability to stop being able to kill planets with just a touch, Saitama would have a hard time landing a blow that could hurt this powerful angel.

3) Zamasu

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A god capable of anything to achieve his goal, and endowed with the will and intelligence to fight any obstacle, Zamasu was for some time the most powerful opponent ever faced by Goku and his friends, and every time which they thought they had finally won, the Kai proved them wrong with a backup plan.

Zamasu was so strong that only Zeno could erase him, with the Z Warriors being overwhelmed by his power and abilities. Not much of a fighter, but with a genius brain and an immortal body, Saitama would truly struggle in a fight against the mighty God.

4) Beer

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Among the Gods of Destruction, Beerus proved to be one of the strongest by being one of the last gods standing during the fight in the manga, and he could have won if not for the High Priest’s interruption.

Beerus proved his speed and resilience by dodging and ultimately defeating quite a few other gods when they teamed up to defeat him during the Gods Fight. Beerus has also proven his strength by being able to destroy entire planets and destroy individuals without breaking a sweat.

Saitama could put up a decent fight against Beerus, but he’s unlikely to be able to entirely defeat the God of Universe 7.

5) Champa

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Champa is the twin brother of Beerus who is the God of Destruction of Universe 6. He has a deep rivalry with his brother, and they fight whenever they see each other. In these fights, we can see how similar their powers are.

Even though Champa seems to be a bit slower and weaker than Beerus, as evidenced by his inability to easily avoid the same number of gods as Beerus, he is far from a weak god.

Against Champa, Saitama would be able to put up a great fight but our capped crusader is unlikely to emerge victorious.

6) Whiskey

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If anyone in the universe is capable of stopping Beerus’ temper tantrums from time to time, it’s none other than the Angel who accompanies the god everywhere, Whis. A being so strong that he claimed to be the one who trained Beerus into the fighter he is today.

With the help of his Ultra Instinct, he is always aware of danger and can avoid almost any damage, while taking advantage of the magic his staff gives him.

Saitama would really struggle to land a blow that would really hurt the angel, but he could enjoy an incredible battle.

7) Vados

Vados during the Tournament of Power (Image via Toei Animation)
Vados during the Tournament of Power (Image via Toei Animation)

Whis’ older sister and accompanying angel for the God of Destruction of Universe 6, Vados is a powerful being who she believes holds more accomplishments than her younger brother.

Based on their dialogue, Vados claims to be stronger than her brother, and Whis’ statements that he’s only now on equal footing with her sister suggests that the first part was true in the past.

If our hero One Punch can fight her, we can be sure he’ll have a great time trying to defeat Vados, although he’ll most likely lose the fight.

8) Belmod

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God hating evil and a former member of the Pride Troopers, Belmond is said to be even stronger than Beerus by Whis himself. A capable fighter with an ingenious mind, he proved stronger than most of the other gods during their fight. With his ability to capture enemies in trapping bullets and his card attacks, he proved the might of his power and emerged victorious against many other gods in the exhibition match.

Saitama could prove to be a formidable opponent, but unfortunately, it’s likely that he won’t be able to defeat the God of Universe 11.

9) Quitela

Quitela and her angel, Cognic (Image via Toei Animation)
Quitela and her angel, Cognic (Image via Toei Animation)

A god without any sense of compassion and who prefers his lackeys to do all the work, Quitela was not only able to beat Beerus in their arm wrestling match, he was also one of the few gods to remain standing before the end. of the gods fight.

His power and ruthlessness make him an incredibly dangerous opponent, and his stamina is apparently on par with Beerus, if not even more so.

Saitama will have to fight hard against such an opponent, but Quitela will triumph thanks to her cruelty and strength.

10) Geene

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A proud fighter and willing participant in the Tournament of Power, Geene is the god of Universe 12. He has proven himself to be an experienced warrior and is one of the few gods who are fired up for even more destruction and combat during the event in the arc.

In the exhibition match, he demonstrated his confidence in his abilities against Beerus and could have fought him if not for Sidra’s interruption.

Saitama would greatly enjoy his fight against the god, and the deity would likely be one of the few on the list to give Saitama a long and exciting battle due to his fondness for them.

That concludes the list. Do you agree with our choices? Otherwise, let us know which gods you think would give Saitama a run for his money in the comments section. Follow Sportskeeda Anime for the latest news and updates on your favorite shonen shows.

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