Kazakh boxing legend Gennady GGG Golovkin wows crowds in Saitama, Japan with knockout performance

NUR-SULTAN — In the Japanese city of Saitama, a middleweight boxing match took place last weekend, in which IBF and IBO world champion and Kazakh athlete Gennady Golovkin and WBA Super Ryoto belt holder Murata faced off in the ring, Sports.kz reported.

Gennady Golovkin. Photo credit: championat.com

The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds, with three titles on the line. In the ninth round, the Kazakh boxer defeated his opponent with a technical knockout.

During the fight, Murata used relentless body attacks and constant pressure to slow Golovkin down. Golovkin’s footwork suffered and each shot to the body from Murata lowered Golovkin’s defense further and further. Eventually, however, Golovkin launched the counterattack and began unloading punch after punch into Murata’s defenses. As Murata began to approach his limit, Golovkin flew out of the corner early in the ninth round, immediately landing a heavy right hand that ended the fight. Murata was sent back to the ropes when Golovkin drained his last reserves of energy in an attempt to end the fight and forced the Japanese fighter to throw in the towel.

Golovkin thanked the fight organizers and the fans who came to watch the fight. He noted that Murata is a talented and persistent fighter, then returned the WBA “super champion” belt to the defeated Murata, which he rightfully won over the Japanese middleweight. GGG entered Ryota’s locker room after the fight and handed him the belt with the words “It’s your belt for life”.

Golovkin has been the IBF and IBO champion since 2019 and previously held the WBC title. Murata (16-3) is a Japanese fighter who won the WBA title in January and was a middleweight gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympics. The win for the Kazakhstan native sets the stage for her third fight with Canelo Alvarez later this year in September.

The fight is tentatively scheduled for Mexico’s Independence Day in mid-September.

Golovkin gave Murata his chapan (a traditional going-out dress with ornaments), which he usually wears in the ring, as a tribute to his opponent.

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