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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida., November 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — About November 13, 2021, Lilly Finance will join the leaders of the crypto community, Saitama, to launch Lilly, a token named after the company’s now 12-year-old brand ambassador: Lillian’s Bay. The launch represents a major milestone in the mission of Lilly Finance’s parent company, Lillian Bay Medical, which was founded to solve problems, expand access and accelerate advances in medical technology.

Founder of Lily Brad Beatty believes the future of health and wealth are one, and he is passionate about making it brighter. “Lilly Finance will not only help the world through real use cases in the field of medical technology,” he explains. “Our funding and research will provide solutions for humanity for years to come. We also have some of the burn in the token going directly into Children’s Charity wallets.”

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Beatty’s passion is personal: his daughter Lillian’s Bay was born on November 11, 2009 with a rare condition known as cystic hygroma. A UPS driver on the small island village of Boca Grande, Florida at the time, Beatty was devastated to learn that she would need multiple surgeries to survive. But the Boca community quickly rallied behind the family to “work miracles”. Lilly received the life-saving treatment she needed from the excellent care team at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Saint PETERSBOURG, FL.

Today, Lilly is a strong, artistic, and passionate preteen who serves as a role model for other children and their families struggling with similar challenges. Her story has been the subject of two published books and has also helped other children connect with top surgeons and find the right treatments. “Lilly” has become synonymous with possibility.

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This is why crypto represents a huge next step for the company inspired by its story of hope. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token is open to everyone and powered by At Saitama’s intuitive platform and strong community. Together, the two companies are exploiting huge opportunities in blockchain technology to meet the needs of the medical sector and create wealth where it is needed most.

At Saitama’s CEO, Russell Armand, comments on their combined vision: “Imagine a future where you can pay for your recent hospital stay with your crypto earnings,” says “That’s what our partnership will deliver. medical space – this launch represents a great moment in history.”

The Lilly Finance Token will be officially launched on November 13, 2021, at the inauguration of At Saitama’s SaitaMask mobile app in Vegas. The launch coincides with Lilly’s 12th anniversary, which inspires hope and drives innovation in healthcare and finance.

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About Lily

Lilly is a revolutionary healthcare company that develops innovative products and solutions, while helping people invest in the future. Lilly is built on secure blockchain technology and powered by proven technology Saitama

On Saitama

Saitama LLC, launched as a crypto token, has grown into a thriving ecosystem that includes gaming, education, a metaverse, a mobile wallet app, and more.

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