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Saturday broadcast of the live action film of Mineo Mayait is Tonde Saitama (Fly Me to Saitama) manga has announced that the film’s sequel has been postponed from this year to next year. Main actor Gackt (Gakuto Ōshiro) also confirmed in a post on Saturday that production on the sequel has resumed filming.

Gackt went on indefinite hiatus in September 2021 due to an early-onset neurological condition that was progressing to a “life-threatening condition”, resulting in dysphonia (voice disorder). The agency Glab Entertainment announced last May that Gackt is steadily recovering physically and aims to slowly resume entertainment industry activity over the course of the year.

Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Center, Kōgekai Medical Corporation and Syu Cell Clinic noted in May that Gacktcurrent immunodeficiency and autoimmune disease of Gackt suffering from dermatitis and alopecia, and he was currently undergoing stem cell treatment. He also still suffered from liver and respiratory failure, fever, pain and poor use of the vocal cords.

The provisionally titled Mow Saitama II (Fly Me to Saitama II) the film had suspended production following Gacktthe announcement.

Gackt is the former vocalist of a visual-kei band named Malice Mizer. In 1999, he left the group and made his solo debut. He has contributed theme songs to franchises such as Fist of the North Star, Final Fantasyand Mobile Suit Gundam. He appeared in the sketch dance anime playing a character inspired by himself, and also voiced the villainous character The Fiend With Twenty Faces in 2016 Trickster lively. He has also voiced roles in anime such as shiki, Tono to Isshoand Supernatural: The Animated Series. In addition to his career as a musician and actor, Gackt also performed in a number of live and theatrical productions.

In the story of the first movie, those who live in Saitama Prefecture are ruthlessly persecuted by those who live in Tokyo, so the citizens of Saitama Prefecture hide this fact from others. High school student Momomi Dannoura (Nikaidō) is the son of the governor of Tokyo, and he is also the student council president of Hokuhodo Academy, the top high school in Tokyo. One day, he meets Rei Asami (Gackt), a mysterious transfer student who returned from America. Rei and Momomi are captivated by each other, but Momomi knows that Rei is from Saitama Prefecture. The manga tells the story of two people separated by a prefectural border, a Saitama “Romeo and Juliet”. The couple try to run away and start a revolution to liberate Saitama Prefecture.

The first film opened in Japan in February 2019. The film sold 191,000 tickets for 259,038,800 yen (about $2.33 million) during its opening weekend topping the Japanese box office. .

Maya originally released the manga as a one-volume in Hakusenshait is Hana to Yume reviewed in 1982. Takarajimasha released a new compiled version of the manga in 2015 titled Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Tonde Saitama comics. The manga has over 660,000 copies in print. Maya also created the Patalliro! comic manga that has inspired several anime projects.

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