One Punch Man Chapter 167 Finally Settles the Goku vs Saitama Debate

A punch Chapter 167 was the last piece of the puzzle we needed to settle the fan debate between Goku and Saitama. Ever since the bald hero was first introduced to fans, both fanbases have wanted to prove their protagonist is the strongest.

Now, with the release of A punch Chapter 167, we finally get a sense of the true power that Saitama possesses. By comparing its strength with Dragon Ball’s cast, it’s safe to assume we now know who’s stronger.

Keep reading for more as we discuss how strong our bald hero is.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

Saitama may not be as strong as Goku, as proven A punch Chapter 167

What happened to A punch Chapter 167?

Chapter 167 of One Punch Man I really have nothing else to say gross or not this chapter was bonkers #OnePunchMan

After Genos was killed by Garou in front of Saitama, the bald hero decided it was time to stop holding himself back. Garou crossed the line and accomplished something no other villain in the series had done before: anger Saitama.

Saitama and Garou were transported into space by Blast to save the earth from being destroyed by their fight. When their blows collided, the shockwave sent them flying towards Saturn’s moon. When they arrived, Garou tried to use his portals to quickly defeat his opponent, landing a few good hits against the hero.

#onepunchman #OPM New One Punch Man Chapter 167 (212) Spoilers! Yusuke Murata is the greatest manga artist! This art!!! Beautiful !!!

Yet Saitama was unaffected at all, rising seconds after the attack to destroy the moon with one hand. Using his remains as platforms, Saitama jumped from one to the other while overwhelming Garou with punches.

Just as the bald hero was preparing to finish the fight, Garou once again entered his Saitama Mode to use his enemies’ moves against him. A punch Chapter 167 ends with Saitama and Garou punching each other in the face, with the hero bleeding from the punch for the first time.

Why is it A punch Chapter 167 crucial for the debate?

Our favorite bald guy needs more practice (Image via ONE, One Punch Man)
Our favorite bald guy needs more practice (Image via ONE, One Punch Man)

Saitama is done pulling his punches back against this towering opponent, so we can be sure now that he is finally using his full strength for this fight. Unfortunately for his fans, this fact gives the impression that the legendary strength of our favorite bald is far from being the most important. dragonball hero.

Saitama was able to destroy an entire moon with one hand, an incredible feat for a human in his universe, but a common occurrence in dragonball. Although it seems that the hero didn’t put much effort into accomplishing this feat in A punch Chapter 167, Goku and his friends were able to do the same from the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

Brother… Murata really said I would make Saitama beat Goku and end the debate lol The man tore a planet apart like it was a band aid

Some A punch fans argue that it is not the same, since dragonball characters use energy beams to destroy planets, not pure force.

While this is true for many humans in the series, it’s already been proven that Goku, Vegeta, and several other characters would have no problem destroying a celestial body with a single finger.

When Beerus was unhappy with his food on one of the countless planets he had visited, he chose to only destroy half of it. With the push of his finger, the world was cut in half, only for one of those halves to explode moments later.

@AnimeBallsDeep Goku has been through Planet Buster for quite some time, at the end of the Freeza Saga. Granted, DB failed to destroy planets with pure raw physical power until Beerus and Champa fought. I haven’t caught up so I don’t know if Goku is at least stronger than Champs, but

Although Goku is not yet on the same level as Beerus, he has already been able to keep up with the God of Destruction, causing entire galaxies to tremble with their battles. Saitama, even using some serious punches in this recent confrontation, is unable to achieve power of this magnitude.

Some would say that the power displayed by Saitama in A punch Chapter 167 is not the limit of his strength, given that he no longer has any sort of limiter. That may be true, and it’s possible he will continue to get stronger as the series progresses, but so will Goku and his friends.

@AnimeBallsDeep Champa is weaker than Goku, but he kicked and punched planet, then the two proceeded to nearly atomize the entire universe onto food before being knocked out. Saitama isn’t beating Goku yet…or ever.

Without his Limiters, Saitama is already weaker than Goku at the moment, so even if he trains and gains more power, chances are the Saiyan will too. This cycle won’t be broken until Goku stops training or Saitama miraculously closes the power gap between them.

Final Thoughts

@JohnnyChillin I think Saitama is unlimited which means if he fought Goku he could become as strong as him but Garo is not stronger than them Goku that’s why Saitama didn’t show us all his potential.

Although Saitama has accomplished incredible things in A punch Chapter 167, His Power Level Still Seems Much Lower Than Most dragonball characters. Although he no longer has any limiters, that doesn’t mean his power is automatically infinite.

Like Goku and the rest of the Saiyans, he has unlimited potential, which means he’ll likely get stronger over time. Still, even if he were to gain power similar to Goku’s most recent transformation, the Saiyan would likely already be more powerful than that.

@bornagainzach *Goku nearly destroys the universe in BoG trying not to*But Saitama destroys part of the moon at full power

Both heroes are incredible characters who excel at what they do, protecting the innocent and growing stronger as they fight. Despite this, Saitama still has a long way to go to become as strong as our favorite Saiyan. And we will be happy to accompany him on this journey if the series continues to be as incredible as A punch Chapter 167 was.

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