One-Punch Man evolved Saitama making him weaker

One-Punch Man just made its protagonist, Saitama, weaker, but in the process it also evolved him as a character like he never had before.

Contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter #169

One-punch man just made its protagonist, Saitama, weaker, but in the process it also made him evolve as a character like he never had before. After witnessing the death of his best friend in One-punch manGenos, Saitama’s violent outburst of emotions made him even stronger than before, but he has no memory of those events.

The last chapters of One-punch man changed Saitama in ways fans didn’t expect, exposing a new side to the normally oblivious and carefree character. After Garou killed Genos in front of his eyes, Saitama felt pain and suffering for the very first time since gaining his incredible strength. He realized he couldn’t call himself a hero if he let his friends die, and these violent emotions made him even more powerful than before. Not only did Saitama blow away Jupiter with a simple sneeze, but he also transcended the law of physics to time travel and save everyone.


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However, chapter #169 of One-punch man makes it clear that Saitama has no memory of the future timeline he erased. After the hero returned and defeated Garou with one punch, he merged with the present Saitama, who has no memory of his future self. This means that Saitama’s huge and unexpected power-up, shown in Chapter 168, never happened, making the hero weaker (in relative terms, because “weak” is a term that cannot be applied to Saitama).

In truth, the conclusion of the battle against Garou proves that Saitama has truly evolved as a character during the fight. Genos, the only one who remembers The man with one fist future timeline, points out that “unfailing sense of heroismallowed him to transcend and manipulate the laws of causality. While Genos’ statement is surely influenced by his boundless admiration for his “master”, it is true that Saitama crossed time and space to save the world. The self-doubt and pain caused by the loss of his friends caused Saitama to evolve and grow stronger, to the point that he reversed time himself.

When Saitama failed to stop Garou from killing Genos, he realized that a hero always had to show up at the right time, when he usually shows up too late. In chapter #169, when the battle is over, Genos smiles and remarks to Saitama that he showed up in time and saved everyone, just like heroes do. Through the words of Genos, One-punch man points out that, while Saitama became weaker due to his travels in the past, this action actually completed his evolution as a character and made him a much better hero.

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