One-Punch Man finally sees Saitama return to battle with the latest Cliffhanger

One-Punch Man has finally brought Saitama back to the battlefield with the new manga chapter cliffhanger! It’s been a crazy few years for the manga series as the Monster Association Saga has been the series’ longest running yet. The all-out war between heroes and monsters has reached its climax as the latest S-class heroes find themselves battling all the Dragon-level monster threats that only seem to get stronger with each new chapter. But things could change for the better as the strongest hero has finally returned.

Saitama may have quickly defeated the Monster King Orochi in a battle fans have been waiting to see (which he was ultimately disappointed with), but after that fight Saitama spent the majority of the chapters we saw this year trapped underground. with Flashy Eclat. But when the number one ranked hero Burst finally made his debut in the series, he eventually helped Saitama out of his trapped situation and saved him and Flashy Flash using one of his portals. …which comes into play with the new chapter.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 152 of the series continues the assault on the various S-class heroes and reveals that their every effort from the previous chapter is still mostly in vain. Monsters that had seemingly been defeated before, like Vomited Fuhrer Ugly, return to battle, and others like Black Spermatazoon evolve to new levels. Fortunately, Garou has a change of heart and manages to eliminate a number of these threats. The fight is still clearly far from over, and the final moments of the chapter see Saitama and Flashy Flash emerge from Burst’s portal.

Saitama finally arriving means the hero’s victory is essentially assured, but what will complicate matters is the sheer number of opponents to face. Not only that, but Saitama still isn’t seen in his best light by the S-class heroes. There’s also the fact that Garou appears to come out of his monster form, meaning Saitama’s attention goes be a little sidetracked. It is also a question of whether he will get into the fight soon.

Either way, it’s a very exciting throwback to just when the heroes ran out of moves to use. What do you think? Curious to see if Saitama will get into the fight next? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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