One-Punch Man gives Saitama a ridiculous new planet-destroying move

Saitama, the legendary protagonist of One-Punch Man, has unleashed a new move so powerful it makes all of his previous exploits look like child’s play.

Warning: contains spoilers for One-punch man #168

Saitama, the legendary protagonist of One-punch man, has unleashed a new move so powerful it makes all of his previous exploits look like child’s play. After raising his already absurd strength to new heights during the fight against Garou, Saitama accidentally unleashed a technique that easily destroyed the largest planet in the solar system.

One-punch man revolves around Saitama’s amazing feats of strength. The manga took the concept of “superpowered” and made it the essence of its protagonist, creating a unique blend of comedy and thrilling action. Over the course of the series, Saitama has shown a full range of moves that are both absurd and incredibly destructive. serious water gun sprayed magma at such high pressure that it countered a beam of energy extracted from the Earth’s core. Serious table flip destroys the entire surface of Io, Jupiter’s moon, in one fell swoop. Even the relatively simple Serious punch cut an entire ocean in half. However, Saitama’s strongest technique isn’t even intentional.


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In chapter #168 of One-punch man, the fight between Saitama and Cosmic Fear Mode Garou reaches its climax. The Hero Hunter learns that Saitama has grown steadily stronger during their fight and is no longer able to keep up. Just when Garou realizes this, Saitama lets out a powerful sneeze. While Garou is able to dodge, the planet Jupiter is right behind him. There’s so much strength in Saitama’ssevere sneezing“that the planet’s entire gaseous layer (more than 1,000 times the volume of Earth) is blown away, exposing its core. It’s such an epic and mind-blowing scene that series artist Yusuke Murata decided that it deserved no less than three double-insert color pages.


Even though readers are used to the ridiculous effects of Saitama’s techniques, blowing out around 90% of Jupiter with a sneeze is a new record. This moment was used to emphasize how much Genos’ death changed Saitama. For the first time since acquiring his powers, the hero experienced a real surge of emotions. This pushed him beyond his already absurd limits, making Saitama stronger. During this fight, Saitama suffered for the first time (even if not physically), which caused him to evolve as a character. Fans might have feared that all of this drama went beyond the show’s comedic roots, but blowing off Jupiter with a sneeze proved otherwise.

severe sneezing perfectly embodies everything that makes One-punch man so good. The writers could have used any way they could to present Saitama’s even more absurd new strength, but they choose something as ridiculous as a sneeze. This proves that no matter how much One-punch man and Saitama evolve into something more “serious”, the manga will never abandon its roots and it will remain a unique and entertaining blend of comedy and action.

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