One-Punch Man has a meta-answer to Saitama’s source of strength

One-Punch Man tells his fans that whatever the real reason behind Saitama’s strength is, no one will ever believe him anyway.

Warning: SPOILERS for One-Punch Man Chapter 173

One-Punch Man just gave the best possible explanation to one of the show’s most pressing questions: the source of Saitamais an incredible force. In a fun meta-moment, Genos tries to explain all of Saitama’s incredible feats to his colleagues in the Hero Association, but the stories are so ridiculous no one will ever believe them, even if they’re true.

fans of One-punch man racked their brains for years, trying to figure out what could be the reason behind Saitama’s unparalleled strength. Although this incredible power is also a plot device that serves as the basis for One-punch manof the whole story, fans cannot accept the idea that it will never be clearly explained in the manga. So far, the only known thing is that Saitama has somehow “removed his limiter”, the natural threshold of strength that all living things possess, but it’s not clear how he did it, or what that means. exactly.


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While Saitama’s incredible strength is only known to a small group of people, Chapter 173 of One-punch man shows that the truth is spreading. First, dr. Bofoi, aka Metal Knight, becomes aware of Saitama’s power while watching the security footage of the Hero Association’s new building. Afterwards, Genos, who is Saitama’s closest friend and self-proclaimed disciple, tells a group of Hero Association officials and other S-class heroes all about what Saitama did during the battle against the hero hunter Garou, including breaking the laws of physics and traveling backwards. in time to save everyone from death. However, the story is so incredible that no one actually believes Genos’ words.

Saitama’s strength is literally amazing


It doesn’t help that, due to time travel shenanigans, neither Saitama nor Garou remember their heartbreaking battle. However, this scene has a deeper meaning, and it tries to tell readers that whatever the explanation for Saitama’s strength, in the end, it won’t be enough, compared to the incredible feats the hero has accomplished. Since the start of the series, Saitama has never gotten the recognition he deserves as a hero, mostly because no one believes he can actually do what he does. This trend has recently changed with Saitama’s promotion to Class A and more and more people becoming aware of his true power, but the truth remains that Saitama’s strength is so great that it has become literally unbelievable.

Not all in One-punch man has to be a metaphor, so the scene in chapter 173 might just be a fun way to show how much of a Saitama fanboy Genos is. However, it’s perhaps more interesting to think of as the show’s way of telling fans that, however surprising and elaborate the reason behind Saitamawill be Caped Baldy’s strength, Caped Baldy’s power has already surpassed any possible explanation, and perhaps One-punch manThe story of is better this way.

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The last chapter of One-punch man is available via VizMedia.

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