One-Punch Man just made Saitama suffer for the first time

One-Punch Man forces Saitama to evolve upon feeling pain for the first time and realizing how empty and futile his dream was.

Warning: Contains spoilers for One-punch man #167

manga One-punch man just made its protagonist Saitama suffer for the first time since the beginning of the series, and he did it in the most unexpected way: by giving Saitama what he always wanted.

During One-punch man, Saitama has become one of the most iconic characters in modern manga. Much of the success of the series is due to the uniqueness of the protagonist. Saitama is the complete opposite of the classic shonen hero. He’s so strong that nothing and no one really challenges him, which means he doesn’t have to struggle or train to defeat his opponents. It also means that Saitama is constantly bored and uninterested in what’s going on around him, which is quite unusual for a story’s protagonist but does A punch Man really stand out in the manga landscape. Saitama’s sole motivation in life is to find a worthy opponent who will make him use all his strength and drive away his boredom. However, when it finally happened, the result was not what Saitama expected.


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Garou, the Hero Hunter, is the first opponent able to fight on par with Saitama, thanks to the power-up received by the mysterious villain called God. Before Saitama could gloat that he had found a worthy opponent, however, Garou killed his best friend and self-proclaimed disciple, Genos (aka Demon Cyborg). This tragedy shook Saitama deeply and made him realize his own flaws as a hero. In chapter #167 of One-punch man, Saitama realizes that he can finally let go and unleash his full power, but also that the fulfillment of his wish does not make him happy at all. This is an incredible turning point for Saitama and for the series.


Until now, Saitama has been defined by his obliviousness and apathy, no matter what gruesome monsters or crazy doomsday scenario he faced. This was often used for comedic effect in the series, but it also made Saitama a unique kind of protagonist, who couldn’t be harmed or harmed in any way. Now, for the very first time, the hero of One-punch man actually suffers (emotionally), and it happens just when he got what he wanted. The loss of Genos makes Saitama realize that his pursuit of a powerful adversary was, in fact, a futile quest, as it made him forget what being a hero really means: protecting the people and things you care about. .

One-punch man forces Saitama to evolve by feeling the pain for the first time and realizing how futile his goals were. It’s a tragic but also very gripping moment that puts the protagonist back on his “hero’s journey”, which forces him to suffer to move forward. The series took a very interesting turn, proving that One-punch man fans shouldn’t take Saitama for granted.

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