One-Punch Man Proves Saitama Changed Genos For Good

One-Punch Man’s Genos has long looked to Saitama as a teacher on his path to strength, but the real lesson he’s learned is less about combat.

Warning! Spoiler for One-punch man Chapter 148 coming soon!

After a break of several months, the One-punch man manga returns to the battle between the S-class heroes and the remaining elites of the Monster Association. The deteriorating situation reminds us how much some of these characters love Genos came through the influence of the mentor Saitama.

While the majority of the last chapter deals with Bang and Garou as master and student clash, chapter 148 takes a moment to check in with Genos and Tatsumaki (Aka Tornado), who didn’t behave well. After pushing herself to the limit to defeat the Monster Association’s secret leader, Psychos, Tatsumaki was rendered powerless, becoming an easy target for competing monsters. Genos tried to come to her aid, but his attempts didn’t go well; facing the disgusting Black Sperm’s army of hive minds, he is literally torn limb by limb, and yet Genos’ almost helpless body continues to try to protect his exhausted comrade.


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Genos’ behavior here definitely marks a stark contrast to his earlier appearances on the show. During his initial fight against Mosquito Girl, the risk of losing drove him to attempt self-destruction, under the impression that it was more important to take this monster with him regardless of the collateral damage. Facing a losing situation now, however, Genos decides that protecting Tatsumaki is more important than destroying the monsters at the cost of their two lives – a marked shift in the cyborg’s understanding of hero behavior. For now, it can be inspired by Fubuki’s efforts to stop her base overload a few chapters earlier, which required her to put herself in harm’s way to do something she wasn’t even sure would work. . Repaying this favor by protecting his sister seems logical, in this respect.

However, there’s more to it than just repaying a favor, as Genos himself notes at the time. This decision represents a major shift in his way of thinking, as he not only values ​​other people’s lives more, but his own as well. If Fubuki (AKA Blizzard) was willing to risk it for him, then that’s a clear indicator that his life has value beyond his ability to defeat monsters. The Genos who first appeared thought of himself as little more than a weapon to defeat evil, but spending time with Saitama and the others showed he had more to offer than that. And yet, this awareness did not lead to any narcissism on his part; instead, he’s willing to submit to some pretty gruesome suffering caused by these monsters in case he and Tatsumaki can still survive. The difference in his behavior couldn’t be more drastic, and it’s ultimately thanks to Saitama’s influence that Genos was able to grow this far.

The battle with the Monster Association has truly been a brutal conflict, and the heroes have suffered more than their fair share of casualties at this point. While Saitama disappeared from the battlefield for now, he still positively impacts the outcome of the fight simply from what he taught Genos and others…even if it was largely without the know. Genos, like the fans, certainly hope that One-punch man he himself will soon show up to save the day, and that means (for now) their goal must be survival.

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