One-Punch Man Reveals Huge Saitama Secret, Changing Him Forever

One-Punch Man just redefine everything fans knew about Saitama, showing that the protagonist is much more than a parody shonen hero.

Warning: contains spoilers for One-punch man Chapter #168

The hit manga A punch just proved that its protagonist, Saitama, is still full of surprises. Fans were led to believe that Saitama’s strength was a plot device that made the protagonist simply “stronger than everyone else”, but the manga’s final chapter revealed that, in fact, Saitama can still stand. improve and become even stronger, making him a completely different type of character.

The whole premise of One-punch man is to have a protagonist who, rather than struggling and improving over the course of the story, is already more powerful than everyone else, enemies and allies included. This was used by character creator One to parody shonen manga and their classic tropes, but then One-punch man was able to develop its own story and become its own thrilling shonen. The digital manga remake of the original One-punch man The webcomic, with One’s story and art by Yusuke Murata, developed the character of Saitama beyond its original premise, especially in the more recent chapters. Saitama recently showed strong emotions for the first time, after witnessing the death of his best friend Genos, and he even started thinking about what it means to be a hero.


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Chapter #168 of One-punch man revealed that Saitama’s strength isn’t an “absolute” value, as many readers believed until now. During the fight between Saitama and Garou, the Hero Hunter notices that after initially copying Saitama’s strength with his own technique, which made him nearly as powerful, the bald hero completely overwhelms him. Saitama is, in fact, getting stronger every moment, and the manga even uses a rarely seen third-person narrator voice to emphasize the fact. The reason given for the hero’s exponential growth is “a surge of emotion like he had never known“, in reference to Saitama’s distress for not saving Genos’ life. The idea that Saitama can actually get better and stronger is a complete surprise, and it shows that he’s a different character than this. that readers have been led to believe.


Perhaps even more interesting is the revelation that Saitama always grew up, there simply wasn’t anyone close enough to his level to notice, before Garou. This shocking secret is a complete reversal of the show’s premise. Saitama is now more like every other shonen protagonist, who is generally defined by their ability to constantly improve and grow stronger by overcoming challenges. Sure, Saitama doesn’t have any real challenges in terms of opponents who could defeat him, but he does have other hurdles to overcome, like how to become a better hero. Until a few chapters ago, this kind of consideration would have been completely foreign to Saitama, who was defined by his aloofness and complete apathy, and the fact that he didn’t need to improve at anything. it would be.

The chapter also reveals that Saitama’s strength is now more than a plot. If the hero improves, it means that his power has a real and definable amount, even if it is on such a scale that it is impossible to quantify it. This is especially important for the future of the series, as it seems like a showdown between Saitama and the mysterious Evil God is drawing ever closer. One-punch man continues to improve with each new chapter, as the manga shows that its protagonist Saitama evolves from a parody of shonen heroes to a deeply nuanced character.

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