One Punch Man: Saitama’s Coma Theory, Explained

A punch fans have always taken part in many discussions that take place on many social media platforms and forums. This is a gagged manga and anime series which means the plot is more comedy driven and not as serious as some of the popular shonen series.

Many fans have come up with compelling theories as to how the Caped Baldy is a cancer patient. This time, another fan came up with a theory that explains how Saitama is someone who is in a deep coma. Let’s explore this theory and understand whether it makes sense or not.

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Could Saitama leave A punch To be in a coma ?

One of the main reasons why such theories are speculated by fans is that there is no logical explanation for Saitama’s power level. He was an ordinary human being who was constantly rejected by corporations. But one day, he ended up saving the ball-chinned kid from Crablante and decided to become a hero for fun. He knew his strength and stamina were pretty bad, so he trained. His training was nothing out of the ordinary as he only did 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run every day. This training routine gave him the strength that we see in the present. Therefore, fans think something like this can’t be real, and one particular fan commented on how Saitama might be in a deep coma.

Deep coma theory (Image via Reddit thread r/OnePunchMan)
Deep coma theory (Image via Reddit thread r/OnePunchMan)

According to this theory, Saitama took a lot of damage from when he fought against Crablante. His face was bloody and he showed signs of fatigue and injury. This is one of the main reasons why this particular fan believes that the protagonist of A punch was in a coma. The Redditor went on to explain how all the events that happened after that could be his imagination and nothing more.

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However, this is not a convincing theory as there seem to be a lot of inconsistencies. To begin with, the whole A punch theory was based on a single event. It makes no sense from a writer’s point of view. A convoluted plot ending with the revelation that it was all just a dream is a bit of a cliche. Characters like Garou have had good character development in the manga. In addition, readers will discover more characters in A punch who might go through the same process. It doesn’t make sense for the mangaka to spend a lot of time and effort to really explore a character, or set of characters, only to reveal that it was all just a dream.

Another important thing to understand is the nature of the series. From the beginning, A punch has always taken the fun approach to its plot, which also doesn’t adhere to logic. Since this is a gagged manga series, it relies heavily on comedy. Combining that with the action makes it even more interesting. Therefore, whenever we see Saitama do something outrageous, it’s simply because the character was written that way, and it explores a story from a different angle, making it interesting and refreshing to read.

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