One-Punch Man Teases Saitama Vs Tatsumaki In Gorgeous Art

Warning: Minor spoilers for One-Punch Man #171One-punch man just teased At Saitama’s next big battle with a gorgeous cover featuring the S-class hero known as Tornado of Terror, Tatsumaki. As the digital manga is set to adapt the webcomic’s “Psychic Sisters Arc,” Tatsumaki and Saitama are on a collision course that will determine whether the prodigious girl can withstand the bald hero’s ridiculous strength.

Tatsumaki is one of the most popular characters in One-punch man. He is a powerful esper with unparalleled telekinetic skills that earned him rank 2 among the S-class, the strongest heroes in the Hero Association. Tatsumaki has a tragic past: Due to her innate abilities, her adoptive parents sold her to scientists who kept her locked in a lab and experimented on her, until she was rescued by Blast, the rank 1 S-class hero. Since then, Tatsumaki has developed a strong sense of justice, but also an innate superiority complex that makes her overconfident even against significantly stronger opponents, like Garou or Saitama him. -same. She is also unable to have a healthy relationship with her sister, Fubuki, who also has psychic powers but is much weaker than Tatsumaki, who fends off her younger sister in order to protect her.


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The cover of One-punch man chapter #171 is entirely dedicated to Tatsumaki, shown here in unusual (for her) hip-hop inspired clothing. Certain depictions of the character have indeed earned criticism from artist Yusuke Murata. Although she is canonically 28 years old, Tatsumaki actually has the appearance of a barely teenage girl due to her short stature and childlike appearance. Considering that Murata likes to draw his characters (male and female) in provocative poses and outfits, Tatsumaki’s portrayals are often controversial, and this cover is no exception. However, Murata has also said that his character designs are integral to their origins and powers, and the same goes for Tatsumaki.

The choice of the character for this cover is perhaps not a coincidence. The manga – which is a restyled adaptation of the original ONE webcomic – gets into the act of the Psychic Sisters, where the story centers on a heated confrontation between Tatsumaki and Fubuki and his associates, the Blizzard Group. As is often the case, Saitama gets involved purely by accident and Tatsumaki attacks him. In the webcomic, the fight stops because Tatsumaki’s wounds from the battle against the Monster Association reopen, but she still boldly states that if she had been at full power, it would all be over in five seconds. However, the One-punch man the manga has strayed from the webcomic’s story several times before, so maybe this time fans will get an extended fight between these two mighty heroes.

Despite Tatsumaki’s claims, it’s highly unlikely that she can even keep up with Saitama, who has shown his strength to have no limits in the battle against Garou. One-punch man has just entered an exciting new saga, and the battle between Saitama and Tatsumaki will be just a taste of the exciting developments to come in this hit manga.

You can read the last chapter of One-punch man through Viz Media.

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