One Punch Man (Theory): Who are Saitama’s parents?

Little is known about Saitama, the main character of the popular series. A punch. Of course, it’s common knowledge that he trained so hard that his hair fell out. But he’s also become so incredibly powerful that he can now beat almost anyone with a single punch. He then chose to become a superhero because he was bored.

However, no additional information was provided in the form of a backstory. As a result, readers are left with a gaping hole in their knowledge of who Saitama is and where he comes from.

This article discusses the issue of Saitama’s parentage. Keep reading to learn more.

Warning: This article contains One Punch Man spoilers. The opinions expressed in the article are the sole responsibility of the author.

Who are the parents of A punch Saitama hero?

What information has been revealed about Saitama’s family?

Saitama (Image via Madhouse)
Saitama (Image via Madhouse)

A punch The ONE creator deliberately concealed Saitama’s past, including details about his family. The only time readers have learned anything about her past is through brief glimpses that don’t reveal anything about her family.

Naturally, this made it look like Saitama was born to ordinary parents. His training later led to him gaining powers, a story often met with skepticism by others in the manga. Thus, if there is an actual source of energy that Saitama tapped into, it is still unknown.

Even his last name is unknown and therefore cannot be associated with any character.

Is this Blast Saitama’s father?

Saitama and Blast as seen in the manga (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata/Shueisha/Viz Media)
Saitama and Blast as seen in the manga (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata/Shueisha/Viz Media)

There is a popular A punch Fan theory about Saitama’s family: Some fans believe that Blast is Saitama’s father. This could explain where Saitama’s powers come from.

Blast is one of the Hero Association’s strongest heroes. This theory arose mainly because Blast is also revealed to be a part-time hero who fights as a hobby, and his costume is surprisingly similar to Saitama’s.

If not his father, he could be an uncle or brother, according to other fan speculation.

Final Thoughts

Saitama from the anime (Image via Madhouse)
Saitama from the anime (Image via Madhouse)

Saitama, the hero of A punch, will always be known for being ridiculously overpowered. However, no information about his parents is provided in the series and maybe it’s better that way.

Because this is a parody anime, the need for a proper backstory for the protagonist, which we see in most shonen series, is clearly subverted.

Being tied to Blast would make the series cliche. Moreover, it would undermine the absurdity of Saitama’s power premise. The main point is that there is no meaning or meaning behind Saitama’s massive amount of power.

Saitama’s story is probably as simple and uninteresting as his parents’ characters.

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