One-Punch Man’s Final Chapter Shows Saitama’s Unlimited Power

Yusuke Murata recently released the highly anticipated One-Punch Man Chapter 167 which features an amazing fight between Saitama and Garou. We’ve seen Saitama fight before, but this is the first time the Caped Baldy has fought against an opponent.

In the previous chapter, Garou unleashes his god-level power and kills Genos in front of Silver Fang and Blast. Garou realizes that Saitama isn’t fighting to his full potential, so he decides to end Genos’ life to bring out his opponent’s true power. Saitama holds his friend’s core in his hand and unleashes his ultimate attack on Garou. Blast knows the coming fight would destroy Earth, so he teleports Saitama and Garou to one of Jupiter’s moons. Garou asks Saitama to find a way to return to Earth, but the bald hero doesn’t care at all.


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Saitama is focused on killing Garou for what he did to Genos, so he charges with all his might towards the Hero Hunter. The jaw-dropping panels show the capped hero landing his blows on Garou, who is now strong enough to survive Saitama’s attacks. Garou wonders if Saitama is actually human, as the bald one is completely unfazed even after taking so much damage. Saitama realizes he finally has a worthy opponent, and he can let loose without worrying about the safety of others.

The Caped hero now holds Genos’ core in his left hand and taunts Garou by stating that he only needs one hand to win this fight. Obviously, Saitama easily overpowers Garou in the fight, so the Hero Hunter launches multiple techniques at once, which burns Saitama’s outfit. Saitama now launches his Killer move, Serious Series: Serious Table Flip, which destroys the entire surface of Jupiter’s moon.

Garou sees countless boulders hurling towards him, and Saitama uses these flying boulders to hit Garou from all directions. The bald now unleashes the Killer Move, Serious Streak: Omnidirectional Serious Punch. In this attack, Saitama moves at sonic speed, which creates his afterimages. Garou, who has lost all sense of direction, attempts to escape by opening a portal, but Saitama catches him.

At this point, Garou feels like a caged insect being played with by a child. Garou realizes that there is no limit to Saitama’s power, so he decides to copy his opponent’s powers “without limit”. Finally, the chapter ends with Saitama and Garou punching each other. It’s hard to say if Garou can defeat Saitama as the Caped Baldy always uses one hand in combat. However, Garou might force Saitama to use both hands in the next chapter of One-Punch Man.

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