One-Punch Man’s Latest Victim Finally Unleashes Saitama’s Terrifying Side

The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 164, “Power Squared,” by One, Yusuke Murata, John Werry, and James Gaubatz, available in English via Viz Media.

No matter how bad the circumstances are One-punch man, the almighty Saitama was always calm and collected, often sporting a nonchalant expression. He remains unfazed even when battling beings that threaten the safety of the world, simply because there doesn’t seem to be an individual who can match his power. However, a victim in chapter 164 finally unleashed Saitama’s true fury, revealing a side of him that readers had never seen before.

After the big battle between the Monster Association and the Hero Association, only a handful of individuals could still move and fight. Saitama’s encounter with Garo was inevitable at that time. Bald Cape promised Tareo that he would teach Garo a lesson, hence why he played with the Hero Hunter. However, the circumstances changed after Garo received the power of a god and reached his Cosmic Fear Mode.

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Garo’s bombardment of nuclear attacks kept Saitama at bay, and a burst of gamma rays even knocked him out of action for a few moments. However, those few moments were enough for Garo to terrorize the other heroes, most of whom collapsed almost instantly due to Garo’s radiation levels. The only ones who remained conscious were Blast – who only seemed to face Garo – Bang and Genos. Genos was the first to launch an attack but couldn’t even scratch Garo’s skin.

Instead of defending the other heroes, it was instead Genos who presented himself to Garo on a silver platter. Fortunately, Blast took immediate action and attacked the Hero Hunter, causing him to drop the cyborg. Garo, however, cared about Blast no less. He still had Saitama in his sights, wanting to fight a serious bald cape, so he took Genos and ripped the core out of him. Saitama arrived just in time to witness Garo’s despicable act. When the Hero Hunter handed Genos’ core to Saitama, the latter’s emotions swirled. In the end, he revealed the first of his killer moves – Serious Punches.

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Serious Punches is the first Killer Move fan One-punch man have seen in Saitama’s Serious series. Interestingly, Garo was still able to impersonate him using his own Saitama Mode, and their exchange shocked even the #1 Pro Hero. Blast pointed out that the Serious Punches’ respective versions of Saitama and Garo could potentially blow the Earth to pieces, proving just how powerful and catastrophic Saitama could be once he stopped having fun.

Saitama has always been cool and collected, but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of feeling or showing emotions – and Chapter 164 of One-punch man amply demonstrated this. Although Saitama initially only accepted Genos as a disciple for his personal gain, he eventually attached himself to the Cyborg Demon, so Garo obliterating him became the switch that turned on Bald Cape’s fuse. And Saitama unleashing his Killer Move Serious Punches – an attack he’s never used before – may just mean that Garo is about to meet his end.

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