One Punch Man’s Next Big Disaster Could Make Garou Vs Saitama Look Like A Joke

A punch Chapter 170 established that the “greatest prophecy” is yet to come. The battle against Cosmic Garou himself had reached planetary levels as Saitama and the Hero Hunter fought on one of Jupiter’s moons.

The battle completely obliterated the moon as Saitama was finally able to fight someone seriously. During this fight, we saw Saitama’s strength gradually increase, even causing one of his sneezes to go through the moon and expose Jupiter’s core. This strength displayed by Saitama caused Garou to fear Saitama and resort to throwing him towards the Sun. Unfortunately for him, Saitama survived.

If a battle that unfolded on a planetary level wasn’t the prophesied catastrophe, Saitama’s next battle could be something truly big.

What is the greatest prophecy of A punch?

In A punch chapter 28, we saw Shibabawa foresee a violent future that would destroy the Earth. Watching the fight between Saitama and Garou, readers had to assume that the prophecy had finally come true. However, according to the latest chapter of the manga, this is not the case.

In A punch Chapter 170, we see Sitch and Sekingar at the Hero Association headquarters. Here they discuss Silver Fang’s retirement as he told the association that he would train and rehabilitate Garou to take his place in the organization.

Considering Garou’s actions, it seems like a huge risk for the organization to bring him into the organization. For example, there could be a major reaction from all heroes and citizens involved in the incident.

Sitch and Sekingar discuss Garou's situation in One Punch Man Chapter 170 (Image via Viz Media)
Sitch and Sekingar discuss Garou’s situation in One Punch Man Chapter 170 (Image via Viz Media)

However, they don’t really have a choice as Silver Fang’s retirement would leave a huge void in the Hero Association. They must also do all they can to strengthen their forces for the Great Prophecy.

back in A punch Chapter 28, Shibabawa herself was unable to describe much of the disaster, due to her death due to choking on cough syrup. But according to the latest chapter, the Hero Association might know more about the prophecy than we thought.

What could be A punchis the next big disaster?

One Punch Man 166 is still my favorite manga chapter of the year.

A punchThe next big catastrophe of must be something really big, given that it must exceed the levels displayed in the fight between Saitama and Garou. Also, their fight was absurd as it left humans dead due to Garou’s cosmic radiation.

Along with this, the fight took place across the solar system, from Jupiter to the Sun. We’ve seen Saitama flip the surface of a moon using only one of his arms. He used serious punches, omnidirectional serious punches and even destroyed a moon with his sneeze.

It hardly seems possible that even if disaster were to happen, it could bring Saitama down. He has infinite strength and speed, so someone being stronger than him would just spoil the story, unless the mangaka pulls out an amazing plot (possibly involving the God).

The only way there could be an Earth-destroying catastrophe is if Saitama stops being a hero. Otherwise, it could also be that the manga shows us a gag situation where Saitama just couldn’t fight because he was busy, during which the Earth is destroyed, sending him back in time, just like at the end of the fight against Garou.

Or maybe disaster had already arrived in the form of Boros or Garou, but Saitama is so “broken” that the prophecy doesn’t account for him. Even so, Sitch and Sekingar believe the Grand Prophecy has yet to happen, so only time will tell what it will be.

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