One-Punch Man’s Saitama Has Finally Found His Strength’s Match (Literally)

One-Punch Man’s Garou proves to be a match for Saitama because his latest absurd power-up allows him to mirror Saitama’s devastating power.

Warning: Contains spoilers for One-punch man chapter 165

The impossible finally happened in One-punch man: Saitama, the superpowered protagonist of the series whose characteristic trait is to be stronger than anyone and anything, has finally found his match. The “Hero Hunter” Garou proves to be a match for Saitama, not only because of his last absurd power-up, but also because he can mirror Saitama’s devastating power.

One-punch man is the hit manga written by One and drawn by Yusuke Murata. The appeal of the story is that it overturns many well-established tropes of the shonen genre, making its protagonist completely overpowered from the start. Unlike most other similar manga, where the main characters have to train repeatedly and improve to overcome bigger and bigger obstacles, Saitama has no real challenges due to his cutthroat strength. breath. this allows One-punch man dancing the fine line between parody, comedy, and shonen live-action, all while keeping fans constantly wondering if and when Saitama will find the worthy adversary he craves. The best candidate to give Saitama a good fight seemed to be Garou, a martial artist who despises “heroes” and wants to build a world based on his own version of justice, based on “absolute evil”. Garou is actually very similar to classic shonen characters, in that he had to struggle and overcome challenges to reach higher power levels until he exceeded his “limit” and transformed into a half- freak.


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Unfortunately, even that seemed useless against Saitama, but Chapter 165 changed things. In a major change from the One-punch man webcomic, Garou received a new power-up after making a deal with the mysterious creature known as God, and he’s now a match for Saitama. Even better, Garou is able to use his martial arts skills along with his new powers to “copy” Saitama, not only mimicking his moves but also borrowing his power.

“Mode: Saitama” allows Garou to turn the hero’s power against him, which might be Saitama’s only weakness. They are also tied in the following exchange of blows, which is a first for Saitama. It’s possible that Garou is able to do this because the new powers granted by God give him knowledge of the flow and behavior of all energy in the universe. This allowed Garou to replicate nuclear explosions, gamma-ray bursts, and possibly even Saitama’s own power, which might be the scariest thing of all. In the original version One-punch man webcomic, Garou didn’t get that upgrade, and his fight against Saitama was truly one-sided, ultimately leaving readers with a sour taste. The new version of One-punch manThe story seems to stray from the original webcomic, which opens the door to some unexpected new developments.

It remains to be seen if Garou and Saitama are truly evenly matched or if the latter will emerge from his foe’s latest devastating attack unscathed and unfazed as usual. For the moment, One-punch man shakes up his formula in a very unexpected yet satisfying way, giving his fans a reason to believe that Saitama has finally found its equal.

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