One-Punch Man’s Saitama Is So Strong He Can Now Perform Literal Miracles

One-Punch Man’s Saitama has power far beyond that of a human, but his antics in Chapter 155 may have literally put him on the level of a God.

Warning: contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 155!

As unquestionably the strongest man in his world, One-punch manSaitama has performed incredible feats over the years, but his latest feat of strength goes beyond mere strength and enters the realm of the divine.

Saitama dug valleys and destroyed meteors with the power of his fists alone, and these are among his earliest accomplishments. Without even meaning to, Saitama often destroys the asphalt beneath his feet or pushes back the clouds with the shockwave of his punches, causing the weather to change for miles around. The sheer absurdity of his seemingly limitless power is, of course, one of the show’s favorite jokes, and these glimpses of his true power serve to make his daily restraint seem like an unstoppable act of will.


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In Chapter 155, Saitama comes face to face with the Monster Association leader Evil Natural Water, who managed to reach the coast and bring the entire Pacific Ocean back into himself, becoming Evil Ocean Water, whose eyes are so big that they dwarf aircraft carriers. At first, his liquid body and sheer size seem to be a problem for Saitama. Instead, in just minutes, Saitama runs fast enough to walk on water, then delivers the most powerful punch he’s used in the series to date, causing the sea to part and revealing the seabed below, creating a path leading to the horizon. He then reaches one of the aforementioned carriers and discovers while standing on its deck that he can apply enough force to manipulate it like a surfboard, leading to a segment where Saitama surfs the carrier at through the massive tsunami that resulted from the water returning to normal, managing to bring the ship and her crew to safety.


While the divine nature of Saitama’s power has been the subject of jokes before, parting the sea like Moses seems to be the most literal depiction yet, while walking on water is so intimately tied to Jesus that even the phrase alone is used to imply the deity. Like some of the more well-known acts of God in popular culture, using the two back-to-back like this is definitely meant to make Saitama’s power seem at the level of divine intervention. Of course, that might be the bare minimum he needs, given that the evil “God” has been quite active in this latest attempt to wipe humanity off the face of the earth, powering up the homeless Emperor and trying to trick Tatsumaki into accepting his help.

Although the Sage Centipede, Centisennin, seems to believe that Evil Ocean Water was instantly killed by this attack, it may be wise not to count such a massive monster so quickly. The exact mechanics of its spread are unclear, but if a monster in One-punch man can remove a Dragon Ball Zstyle “regenerate from a single cell”, it would probably be Evil Ocean Water. Whether the blow was fatal or not, parting the sea and walking on water are the most unmistakable signs to date that Saitamahis skills in One-punch man can truly be limitless.

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