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Saitama (SAITAMA): Pricing Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community

  • A community-driven ecosystem, Saitama has announced a sponsorship deal with famed UFC fighter Islam Makhachev.
  • The Saitama community is eagerly awaiting the launch of SaitamaRewards, which will introduce the network to staking.
  • Despite the deep plunge in the crypto market, SAITAMA remained in the green, gaining 6% in the past 24 hours

Saitama’s goal is to provide quality tools and content to help the 93% of GenZ who are confused about finance feel comfortable with money as they invest and open businesses. unprecedented opportunities for wealth creation.

Using the Saitama edutainment platform, this community-driven project has developed entertaining solutions to teach people about finance while helping them improve their investing skills. So how has Saitama been doing lately?

Price Updates

Although cryptocurrencies are in a sea of ​​red, Saitama has managed to continue in the green. In the past 24 hours, SAITAMA has gained 7%, a better performance than all the top 100 cryptos ranked by market capitalization.

The 1D price chart of Saitama (SAITAMA). Source: CoinMarketCap

Saitama’s recent price increase brings its price to $0.00000001917, giving it a market cap of $841.2 million and a self-reported fully diluted market cap of $1.91 billion. Saitama has a circulating supply of 43.83 quadrillion tokens.


Joining the growing number of crypto projects pushing for mainstream adoption by the sport, Saitama has announced a sponsorship deal for famed UFC fighter Islam Makhachev.

Makhachev is now an ambassador for Saitama and will help promote the project as he connects with UFC fans and consumers around the world. The sponsorship deal came just days before Saitama announced the termination of its deal with Lilly Finance.

The project noted that because it is building a leading platform and ecosystem, it will only launch projects that meet their privacy and functionality requirements. Lilly Finance’s launch on SaitaMask was halted because the defi project violated its agreement.

Saitama launched its one-stop decentralized wallet, Saitamask, in January. The wallet allows users to buy, sell, trade, stake and transfer cryptocurrencies. In five weeks of operation, Saitama added various defi tokens including ImpactXP, Ridge, Kishimoto, Mandox, and ShunaV2.

The app also includes crypto analysis tools and an “edutainment platform”. Using the Edutainment platform, Saitama teaches its users about finance while helping them improve their investment skills.

Events to come

One of the most anticipated features for upgrading to the SaitaMask, bringing it closer to completion. Saitama’s Smart Wallet seeks to revolutionize the crypto space by solving fundamental challenges and empowering investors of all skill levels to take full control of their wealth.

According to Max Hernandez, one of SaitaMask’s developers, the team is currently working on Saitamask’s stability program and swap feature, with the update expected soon.

Future updates will introduce the Saitama community to staking via SaitaRewards. By using SAITAMA tokens, community members will be able to participate in the governance of the project. Saitama has set q1 for the SaitaRewards release date.

The inclusion of the exchange feature will allow users to trade and exchange supported currencies in the SaitaMask.

Another major launch for the community is SaitaMaker, which they call NFT’s New Approach. According to Saitama, this NFT launch platform will allow users to create, launch and promote their projects and trade real estate using SAITAMA.

on the reverse

  • Although Saitama has seen significant success since its launch, some members of the community are unhappy with the slow pace of release plans.
  • Additionally, the SAITAMA token has faced a 93% devaluation since peaking at $0.0000002777 in November 2021.


With the project built around empowering people, Saitama prides itself on being a community driven project.

Saitama community members are exceptionally optimistic about the future of the project. Twitter user (NYSE:) @Torres1PR wrote;

Ahead of its future release, @crypttodaddy writes;

Another user, @kibasaita, expressing his belief in the project, wrote;

Why You Should Care

Despite its slow start, Saitama is building an exciting ecosystem of projects that seek to reshape the decentralized finance ecosystem.


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