Saitama angrier than ever after the brutal turn of events

Being one of the strongest characters in “One Punch Man”, it’s no surprise that Saitama is a bit different. He shows little emotion and seems detached from what is going on around him.

Therefore, it would take a lot to change Saitama’s state. And it seems to have happened as can be seen in chapter no. 166 from the manga drawn by Yusuke Murata.

This time around, Garou has reached the pinnacle of his evolution after accepting the power God has given him – a mysterious villain who manipulates events and people behind the scenes.

The former Hero Hunter showed he could stand up to Saitama. He is the only S-class hero who can stand up to Saitama other than Blast.

But in this chapter, Genos, the self-proclaimed disciple of Saitama gets involved. He gets involved in the fight and unfortunately gets killed in the process.

It was Garou’s plan all along, a move meant to inspire Saitama to show off his true power. At the moment of the brutal scene, Saitama witnesses it and snaps for the very first time.

Throughout the manga, Saitama’s few glimpses of emotions were towards Genos.

It was the first time Saitama showed strong emotions in a serious situation. Therefore, this development could have dire consequences on the series with Saitama unlikely to hold back against Garou in future meetings.

It offers a totally different look for Saitama whose demeanor is tame. For a man who can destroy a planet with one blow, seeing Saitama get serious will have consequences. Garou can use this to his advantage – especially after finding Saitama’s weak point.

Therefore, the outlook for “One Punch Man” could see some major changes, with Saitama now getting angrier and getting serious.

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