Saitama confronts Garou in his strongest form.

Anticipation continues to build as A punch fans are getting closer to the release of Chapter 155. Readers had a lot to enjoy in the previous chapter: King’s gag made a comeback as he “dropped” his Ultimate Hellfire Burst Wave Motion Cannon, and Saitama finally makes an appearance towards the end of the chapter.

Now, A punch fans want to understand if Garou will face Saitama. Although there is no official source to confirm this fight, there are certain reasons for the fight to take place between the two monstrously strong individuals.

Note: This article explores the possibility of a fight suggested by fan theories. Readers will have to wait for the next chapter for confirmation.

Garou vs. Saitama in One Punch Man Chapter 155

A punch fans were very excited to see Saitama finally make an appearance near the end of the chapter. It’s shocking to see Garou’s power levels right now, considering he took out every remaining Dragon threat level monster, including the Platinum Sperm, in less than half a second.

Now that Saitama is here, it looks like the arc is coming to an end and he might face Garou.

The reasons why the two individuals face each other are multiple. Garou is the hero hunter and the only villain left to deal with. Other than that, considering what he did to Bang, Saitama might initiate the fight.

Garou's lens shatters when Bang asks him to follow the voice in his heart (image via Yusuke Murata)
Garou’s lens shatters when Bang asks him to follow the voice in his heart (image via Yusuke Murata)

It seems that Garou was regaining consciousness when Bang asked him to listen to the voice in his heart. If true, the only ones who know this vital information are the A punch readers. Therefore, Bang’s brother could have Saitama finish him off before he causes more trouble.

Garou, ultimately, is a martial artist. He was defeated by Saitama in their previous match. Thus, a martial artist’s pride might cause Garou to challenge Saitama to a duel. It’s possible considering he’s much stronger than the time he faced Saitama in Chapter 77 of A punch.

While these may be fan theories, it’s quite possible that the two goliaths will face off, marking the end of the Monster Association arc.

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