Saitama ends while destroying a moon in the process

A punch Chapter 167 is one of the most anticipated chapters of the series so far. So it’s no surprise that fans were thrilled when spoilers for this long-awaited chapter were released just hours ago.

This battle was the fiercest for Saitama so far in his journey. Still, it seems our hero is no longer holding back after Garou kills someone he loves right in front of him. With that in mind, let’s talk about what’s been revealed in spoilers for A punch Chapter 167 in this article.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

Saitama and Garou destroy Saturn’s moon as their battle comes to an end in A punch Chapter 167

What happened last time?

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In the final chapter, it was revealed that Garou’s new powers were granted to him by God, who wants to use him as a means to his own end. Still, the villain isn’t fazed by this fact as he’s enjoying the new power bestowed upon him.

He is happy with the suffering of humans, as well as the deaths he causes by simply being around the heroes. Blast tries to stop him before he can cause more damage, but Garou is able to easily copy his powers, making him even stronger.

As a last resort, Genos tries to lunge at the enemy in an attempt to cause damage. Unfortunately for the android, Garou has been completely taken over by his dark urges. Without hesitating for even a second, Garou rips out Geno’s core, the equivalent of his heart, killing the hero instantly.

Saitama arrives just as his best friend dies, prompting Garou to laugh at him for not protecting the android. Saitama no longer smiles and just wants to destroy the villain for his actions.

What do the spoilers reveal?

A punch Chapter 167 will pick up the fight from when Garou and Saitama are about to hit each other with a Serious Punch. To save Earth from being wiped out, Blast creates a portal that transports the two fighters into space. Yet their power is too great and they end up flying off to Saturn’s moon.

Garou is convinced he has every advantage against the hero and begins using his newly acquired portal ability to try and defeat him. However, Saitama can read his every move. No matter how fast Garou moves through the catwalks, the hero is already there.

With a brilliant technique, the villain is able to avoid one of Saitama’s punches, creating an opening for him to attack the hero. However, Saitama rises as if nothing had happened, destroying the entire moon with one hand.

As Saitama uses the moon fragments as jumping platforms, A punch Chapter 167 offers us one of the most breathtaking panels of the series so far. We can see Saitama moving at such incredible speed that a trail forms behind him.

Garou attempts to escape through his portals, but his efforts are rendered ineffective in the battle with the enraged Saitama. The villain decides to stay and fight, once again entering his Saitama Mode. A punch Chapter 167 ends with the two warriors hitting each other, with Saitama surprisingly coughing up blood for the first time.

Final Thoughts

A punch Chapter 167 is exactly what fans expected from this arc. Now that Saitama has no reason to underestimate his attacks, Garou realizes his opponent’s true strength. Killing Genos was a big mistake as the hero will stop at nothing to destroy him now.

The chapter is not only amazing story-wise, but it also seems like an artistic masterpiece. The panel that depicts Saitama and Garou standing on the moon with Saturn behind them is brilliant, and fans will surely love it when the official chapter is released.

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