Saitama fans will love the BAIT x One-Punch Man x Adidas Montreal 76

Interest in manga hasn’t waned since scanlations and official translations are readily available online. With regular updates whenever a new chapter pops up, we’re always eager to find out what’s to come next. That’s why we’re thrilled to have our favorite superpowered superhero featured in a collab. Check out the BAIT x One-Punch Man x Adidas Montreal 76.

The ongoing series plods on and there’s no shortage of hijinks, gags, and jaw-dropping fight scenes. As always, our indifferent protagonist finds himself in strange situations and usually ends up saving the day. Still, there are chapters that are on a serious note, making it a worthy read.

So, it’s only fitting that the character is getting a pair of limited-edition kicks from Adidas courtesy of BAIT. It must be said that they managed to capture all the elements that embody the appearance of Saitama in the manga. First up, the BAIT x One-Punch Man x Adidas Montreal 76 matches Saitama’s suit.

The suede upper is yellow with the stripes, tongue, laces, ankle collar and inner lining in red. Then there’s the chunky white rubber cupsole. The following are the other brands. On the side sides of each shoe parallel to the strip near the ankle is the Katakana script for Saitama (サイタマ) and the gold streetwear label.

On the heel, you will see the text One-Punch Man in red. Meanwhile, the mustache features the Adidas clover flower emblem on the left, while the right has an image of Saitama’s head with the name BAIT just below.

Then there is the combined Adidas, BAIT and One-Punch Man logo on the tongue and insoles. Plus, you can remove the sock liners to see awesome Saitama artwork. The BAIT x One-Punch Man x Adidas Montreal 76 will launch on June 30, 2021.

Buy – $120

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Images courtesy of BAIT

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