Saitama finally reveals the shocking potential of his raw strength

The last chapters of One-punch man the manga features the literal and heartbreaking battle between Saitama and Garou. In the process of achieving his goal of becoming “Ultimate Evil”, Garou received powers from the mysterious figure, God, making his presence a danger to all life on planet Earth.

In Chapter 166, S-Class’ number one hero Blast tried to stop Garou, but the hero killer’s powers were far beyond what Blast could handle. In the end, Garou ripped out Genos’ heart, causing Saitama to get serious for the first time. chapter 167 then featured a jaw-dropping clash between the two powers that shocked One-punch man Fans.


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The clash of “serious” fists

Near the end of Chapter 166, Saitama swung into Garou with all his might, ready to hit the now cosmic character with a punch from his Serious Series arsenal. On the other hand, Garou was unaffected by this development since his plan was to get Saitama to fight him to “all his might” so he could copy the B-class hero’s moves. However, at the just as their fists were about to collide, Blast remarked that the effect of their clash would be enough to destroy the Earth or render it uninhabitable. To prevent this from happening, Blast tried to warp the duo to a distant location; however, their powers were too strong for Blast to handle.

The actions of the S-Class hero were about to backfire until strange existences showed up to help him. Based on their comments and shadowy appearances, fans can assume that these individuals are from another planet or other “worlds.” Either way, they helped Blast successfully pull Saitama and Garou away from Earth, saving millions of lives in the process. In space, Saitama and Garou’s fists eventually collided, resulting in a catastrophic shock wave that presumably wiped out the planets in space. One can only imagine what would have happened to Earth if Saitama and Garou had clashed there. The force of the duo’s shock, combined with Blast’s warp, transported them to one of Jupiter’s moons, Io. In fact, the estimated time it would take a spacecraft to reach Jupiter is just over six years. Yet Garou and Saitama reached the planet’s moons in mere moments, surprising One-punch man readers.

The fight on Jupiter’s moon

After the duo arrived on the moon Io, one of Jupiter’s caustic moons, Garou was surprised and wanted to temporarily call off their match to figure out how to get back to Earth. Interestingly, Saitama remained calm, unfazed that he was on one of Jupiter’s moons light years from Earth. To examine the framework of the fight, the atmosphere of the moon Io is very thin, devoid of the abundant presence of oxygen. Plus, the moon’s surface is lava-oriented, which means it’s not even safe to walk on Io’s surface. Still, Saitama and Garou dueled on the hellish platform, trading powerful blows, being able to breathe and walk on the moon’s surface.

Before the fight, Saitama said he could finally use his full strength for the first time. While this was something the B-Class hero had always looked forward to, the situation he found himself in wasn’t exactly “thrill-worthy.” In fact, it saddened Saitama following the circumstances leading up to the battle: Genos’ possible death. The fight on Io opened up with Saitama challenging Garou to attack him, stating that one of his fists was enough to tackle him. Indeed, one fist was really enough as Saitama was able to land heavy blows on Garou with just one hand. Then, Garou tried to attack Saitama using Hyper Space Gates, but it was a wasted effort as Saitama thwarted the Dimension Gates effortlessly. This development caused Garou to use a multi-directional attack move that allowed him to attack from countless directions simultaneously. Combining this move with other equally powerful attacks, Garou managed to land blows on Saitama, who remained unscathed.

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In the next moment, Saitama makes a move which is the most shocking of chapter 167. Using a move he called “Serious table flip“, Saitama succeeded in destroying the moon Io using a flip type motion. Io is roughly larger than Earth’s moon, and Saitama was able to destroy it with minimal effort. This feat is currently one of the greatest in the One-punch man series. Io’s destruction allowed Saitama to use the fractured moon parts as a springboard to attack Garou from countless directions. The two powerful individuals zigzagged over the shattered Io at speeds that can exceed the speed of light, with Saitama in the lead. Saitama’s attacks were so intense that even Garou lost his sense of direction.

Near the end of Chapter 167, Garou finally admits Saitama’s strength. In his words, “He is infinitely strong! So strong!” These words carry a tone of desperation, resulting from Garou’s failed efforts in his attempt to defeat Saitama. The chapter then ended with Garou trying to copy Saitama’s, once again, but out of desperation and weak strategy. At this point in the fight, it’s clear that Saitama will win the battle. Either way, the stuff Garou might do next is worth reading. Above all, a major fact Chapter 167 tells fans is that Saitama is strong enough to destroy planets.

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