Saitama has a new companion

Posted on October 2, 2022

The new arc of the One Punch Man manga series has officially begun. The previous arc focused on Cosmic Garou, but the upcoming arc will likely focus more on Genos, but before that we have another companion who will now live with Saitama and Genos.

Note: This article covers One Punch Man manga up to Chapter 171; here is your spoiler warning!

History so far

After the fight between the Monster Association and the Hero Association, the city was destroyed. All monsters were supposed to be eliminated; however, a few of them were still hiding in the rubble.

Many S-rank heroes and monsters had been poisoned by radiation due to Cosmic Garou. Several villains were confirmed to have survived the battle, but their fates remained unknown.

One Punch Man: Pig God Sama

S-class hero Pig God, still recovering from radiation poisoning, decided to leave the hospital and return to the battle site to check out the area. He suspected that monsters were still hiding there.

Pig God’s suspicions are confirmed when, while searching for monsters, he discovers bad natural water who survived Saitama’s Serious Punch. Pig God instantly devours it, digests it, and finally gets rid of this monster once and for all.

One Punch Man dead in black water
Pig god devours evil natural water

Black Sperm hides under a rock, terrified after seeing what Pig God just did, knowing that if discovered, he will meet the same fate as Evil Natural Water. Luckily for him, the S-class hero chose to leave as he had already eaten.

While attempting to flee, Black Sperm notices Saitama and Genos collecting items. Seeing them, he remembers that the bald hero was the one who defeated Garou with a single blow; cursing his luck, he tries to escape from there.

Saitama’s new pet

saitama's new pet
Saitama finds Rover

Just before escaping, Black Sperm hears Saitama say that he has found a dog. He sees Saitama petting the dog, but upon closer inspection, Black Sperm realizes that this thing in Saitama’s hand is not just an ordinary dog ​​but a powerful monster.

Saitama’s dog’s name is Overgrown Rover, and it is a powerful six-eyed dragon-level monster that Saitama has encountered before. For some unknown reason, his size was reduced to a regular dog after the Monster Association arc.

Black Sperm realizes that Saitama didn’t kill Rover, but rather pets him like he’s a puppy. Black Sperm comes up with the idea of ​​befriending the bald hero to survive a bit longer, as he currently lacks power and a place to live.

One thing this chapter has confirmed is that Saitama loves dogs. One Punch Man Chapter 172 will be released on October 20 and we will find out whether the Black Sperm will join Rover as Saitama’s pet or not.

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