Saitama loses his memory of his fight with Garou.

A punch Chapter 169 is out and fans seem to be excited to see how the characters reacted to the events of the previous chapter. It looks like the series is getting closer to the conclusion of the current story arc.

Now that the series’ most anticipated fight is over, it was interesting to see how the characters interacted with each other.

This chapter didn’t contain much action, but it’s safe to say that this chapter had a lot of elements that fans would thoroughly enjoy. Yusuke Murata’s art has been consistent for a long time and Chapter 169 does not deviate from this trend.

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A punch Chapter 169: Genos receives his core from an alternate timeline, and Saitama has no memory of his fight with Garou

one punch man chapter 169 is kinda hilarious imo

The chapter begins with Garou struggling on the ground, as the punch caused heavy damage. His new powers were gone and all the heroes were surrounding him to defeat him.

Garou was confused about this situation as he didn’t know who hit him and why it was so powerful. The blow he took came from a place he couldn’t feel.

Meanwhile, Saitama gave Genos his core which he retained from another timeline. When Genos connected his second heart to a sub-connector, all information from the previous timeline was known to him.

#OnePunchMan Chapter 169 SPOILERS ‼️- Genos is the only one who knows what happened from the core’s memories.- Everyone wanted to kill Garou, but King’s engine silenced everyone.- Garou running away from the place. – Metal Knight came to start the fallout elimination.

This shocked him deeply and Saitama was worried. It was at this point that Genos attempted to explain the multiversal theories and how Saitama was able to save them all by time traveling.

However, this was beyond Caped Baldy’s level of comprehension. Genos was shocked by Saitama’s reaction and realized that he was the only one who knew of Saitama’s time travel abilities.

A punch Chapter 169: The heroes want to kill Garou and Tareo intervenes

Tareo struggled to get up but managed to get to his feet. He was worried about Garou and rushed in his direction. All the heroes were beating him and he was taking hits.

The narrator mentioned that Garou, despite not understanding how he was defeated, accepted it without any hesitation. Metal Bat urged the other heroes not to hit Garou as he was already injured and he posed no threat to anyone around him.

However, everyone wanted to kill Garou and Tareo intervened. He didn’t want Garou to be killed as he saved Tareo from many situations. Zombieman asked everyone to stop because he wanted to ask the One Punch Man’s Hero Hunter on his abilities. He asked her if her abilities had improved with God’s help. Garou laughed it off and said that everything that happened there was his fault.

One Punch Man Chapter 169 What I like the most about this chapter is that King learns how to use his King’s Engine properly. He gained a lot of confidence from this arc. I’m so swollen!! He even holds Tatsumaki while resting 💕💕

Things got out of control and Tareo continued to talk to the heroes present in an attempt to save Garou. At this point everyone has stopped since they heard the King Engine at maximum power.

King asked all the heroes to stop since Tareo was just a kid and he was watching everything unfold. Bang said that Garou had to live and make up for everything he did by saving others from danger. The A punch The protagonist thanked Garou for saving Genos and King during one of the fights.

Garou escaped and told everyone they would regret letting him live. All the heroes thought he would continue with his evil ways, while Saitama thought Garou would be fine and cause no more trouble.

Metal Knight, along with thousands of drones, appeared out of nowhere. He announced that everyone was suffering from acute radiation poisoning and that a decontamination procedure would be in place.

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