Saitama Official Predicts Top 5 Crypto Projects of 2022

After some waves and flashes and some ups and downs, the crypto is back in the news. It’s been a big year for Crypto, and according to Saitama Official, it’s only going to get bigger. For those of you who want to know and invest in the best crypto projects of 2022, Saitama Official offers 5 options to choose from.


The old man is gold, they say. This adage certainly rings true for bitcoin. With a vintage of 10 years, bitcoin continues to soar in demand and supply. For Saitama Official, serious bitcoin investors should consider bitcoin as “a long-time investment of 2022. Bitcoin is attracting interest from the biggest companies in the world. When Tesla announced that it would sell cars in exchange for bitcoins, its fiefdom was cemented. And although Elon Musk eventually backed down citing environmental concerns, big players like PayPal, Microsoft, The Home Depot started indirectly accepting bitcoin as payment.


This is one of those too-good-to-be-true crypto projects of the year. As a platform and a cryptocurrency, Ethereum or ETH has the advantage of both bitcoin and more. Saitama Official says, “Ethereum is poised for a good future in 2022. It is scheduled for an upgrade. This means improved security, scalability, and overall sustainability of the Ethereum network. While security issues need to be addressed, the new Ethereum titled The Merge, slated for launch in September, has generated considerable interest among enthusiasts. Among them is Goldman Sachs, which plans to offer Ethereum options trading.


To begin with, there is the name. And to match this, Polkadots’ reputation as a “unifier of independent blockchains,” says Saitama Official, “which has strongly boosted its image in the public consciousness since its launch in 2020. Its market capitalization is superior to $7.52 billion and is expected to grow this year.”

Chain link

A fairly established player, Chainlink is ready to make its presence felt in 2022. For Saitama Official, “In 2021, Chainlink was repurposed to reduce computational pressure on blockchain networks like Ethereum. This means improved security and reliability, two reasons that always attract investors. Its current market cap is $3.32, and while that’s not exactly your Polkadot, Chainlink is one of the best crypto projects of 2022.”


If you rolled your eyes when you read that Cardano made an appearance on the list, you are going to be surprised. According to Saitama Official, “Cardano, while usually relegated to the back alleys of crypto transactions, has crypto pundits betting on its mammoth comeback. The reason, you ask? Well, it’s simple. Cardano verifies transactions through a proof-of-stake protocol. This makes it faster, cheaper and more energy efficient compared to, say, Ethereum, which remains my second favorite crypto project of the year because Ethereum uses the old proof-of-work protocol. This protocol advantage is poised to make Cardano a long-term Crypto investment of 2022.” There you have it. Saitama Official’s comprehensive list of the 5 Best Crypto Projects of 2022 can now help you make more informed decisions and get the most out of your investment.

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