Saitama Plunges After Weekend Event, Developers Delay SaitaMask Rollout, Announce Plans for SaitaChain, SaitaMarket, and Product Line

Saitama Inu (CRYPTO: SAITAMA), the cryptocurrency, which was launched in May on the Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH), saw its price begin to dive during a highly anticipated SaitaMask event Saturday in Las Vegas.

During the event, the token announced plans to launch its ecosystem, including a marketplace, smart wallet, blockchain, education platform, NFT-based launch platform, and platform. of content. Although the developers have also reported that the rollout of the SaitaMask smart wallet is delayed for several weeks.

Saitama describes itself as a community-driven company ERC-20 token inspired by the legend of a mysterious ghost dog that roams the mountains of the Saitama region in Japan.

From 2022, it aims to start Saita Payments, SaitaSafe, a hardware wallet and Saita education.

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Saitama plans to play an important role in the NFT Marlet. During the third quarter of 2022, the crypto declared that it would launch its NFT projects by releasing the Saita Market and SaitaMaker with SaitaSocial.

The crypto also announced that by 2023 it will have its own block chain called SaitaChain, built on top of the Ethereum network.

Lilly Finance will be to rejoin forces with Saitama to launch Lily, a token named after the company’s now 12-year-old brand ambassador: Lillian’s Bay.

The Lilly token will be the first-ever youth-inspired, medical-focused cryptocurrency.

On Thursday, the Saitama community, which calls itself the “Wolf Pack,” retweeted a post on Twitter That said, the token now has 200,000 holders.

Saitama saw a significant drop in Saturday’s event, and according to VSoinMarketCap, it was down 30.68% at $0.00000009595 on Sunday morning, after hitting an all-time high on Saturday of $0.000000173.

A now-deleted tweet from Saitama’s official Twitter account was announcedBest dip ever! The dip doesn’t last long with our WolfPack.”

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