Sakuratsu! Amabie-hime Short Form Anime Hits TV Saitama in July

Amabie, a creature from Japanese folklore said to protect people from disease, gets a makeover in Sakuratsu! Amabie Hime (“Violent Explosion! Princess Amabie”), a recently announced shortened TV anime set to air on TV Saitama from July 2022. The main personnel and cast have been revealed for the series, including:

  • Original artwork: George Ohara
  • Key Animation: George Ohara, Kirara
  • Screenplay: George Ohara, Kirara
  • Animation: Shuretsuku Hei 1-go, Kirara, oshiro
  • Coordinator: Itaru Ito

Amabie-hime reacts in frustration as Tojiji laughs watching a scene from the upcoming Sakuretsu!  Amabie-hime short form TV anime.

The cast for Sakuratsu! Amabie Hime understand :

  • Yuko Shirahama as Amabie Hime.
  • Kaori Shimizu as Tojiji.
  • Kayoko Ohkubo as Koegadekami.
  • Akira Yoshimura (Broadcast!!) as Natsuo.
  • Yuupon like Katsuo.
  • Kaori Akino as Tobio.
  • Yoyoyo-chan like Kurio.
  • Roco like Atsuko.
  • Yuino like Akiko.
  • And Hiromitsu Mayashita as Opening narrator.

The story of Sakuratsu! Amabie Hime involves Amabie-hime, a spirit who saved people from a plague during the Edo period, rushing around like a madman in modern times trying to save people in the current Reiwa era. The series will air on Saturdays at 5:55 p.m. (5:55 p.m. JST) starting July 2, 2022. Each episode will be approximately 5 minutes long.

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