Sweet Mask sees Saitama in a new light, Fubuki prepares for a meeting

A punch chapter 174 came out like the Psychic Sisters the arc is finally ready to begin. mangaka Yusuke Murata religiously adapted ONE A punch webcomic since 2012. As expected, the recent chapter followed Sweet Mask and Saitama as they entered a new phase in their lives.

The previous chapter saw metal knight upon learning of Saitama’s strength as he watched the CCTV footage. The chapter also gave fans a flashback to a Hero Association meeting that took place some time ago. Genos was shown talking to other heroes about Saitama’s strength and his battle with Garou.

Saitama meets his new neighbors in A punch chapter 174

A punch chapter 174, titled Beauty, started with Fubuki heading to a certain location with his entire Blizzard party armed. Although the chapter didn’t reveal the location, Fubuki did reveal that she was going to meet someone, but there was a chance things could get violent.

Elsewhere at the Handsome Castle talent agency in R City, Sweet Mask was reviewing a new Hero Idol group called Bubbly Boys. The group had seven members, two of whom had become Class C Heroes. However, Sweet Mask was unimpressed with them and calls them fakes of him.

Sweet Mask seen in One Punch Man chapter 174 (Image via Yusuke Murata)
Sweet Mask seen in One Punch Man chapter 174 (Image via Yusuke Murata)

Sweet Mask has finally seen the CCTV footage of Saitama showing his overwhelming strength against the security robots, which is how he began to see the Caped Baldy in a new light.

The Bubbly Boys, who were offended by Sweet Mask’s lyrics, began to retaliate, claiming that Sweet Mask might be the real fake, given that he couldn’t decide between being a hero or a pop idol. Sweet Mask tried to explain the trials and tribulations a hero faces, i.e. when the Bubbly Boys were willing to fight Sweet Mask to prove how strong they were as a group.

However, Sweet Mask increased his strength, sending shivers down the group members’ spines, claiming that they didn’t possess the beauty of overwhelming strength.

Chain-Toad, Butterfly DX and Forte in Saitama's new apartment (Image via Yusuke Murata)
Chain-Toad, Butterfly DX and Forte in Saitama’s new apartment (Image via Yusuke Murata)

Meanwhile, Saitama welcomed the heroes who had approached his door to his new room, giving the three cups of tea. Since he had no idea who the three heroes were, his words sounded a little disrespectful to Forte, who was trying to assert dominance against him.

Butterfly DX revealed how Chain-Toad was a good martial artist but too simple as a hero, so he started wearing a mask to become more popular. Saitama came up with the idea of ​​wearing a mask to become a popular lame.

The bald man was unaware of the existence of Butterfly DX, which is when the latter revealed his costume. However, Saitama had never seen him and commented on his hairy body.

Forte seen in One Punch Man chapter 174 (Image via Yusuke Murata)
Forte seen in One Punch Man chapter 174 (Image via Yusuke Murata)

Finally, Forte revealed his fighting style, where he fought to the beat of the music he was listening to. Saitama found his fighting style unnecessary, which offended Forte, and he challenged the former to come and fight him outside.

Final thoughts on A punch chapter 174

A punch chapter 174 saw the caped bald meet his new neighbors. However, Saitama, who did not know the identity of his neighbors, offended them. This caused Forte to challenge him to a fight on the outside. So, the next chapter will continue where chapter 174 ended, i.e. the fight between Saitama and Forte.

Fubuki seen in One Punch Man chapter 174 (Image via Yusuke Murata)
Fubuki seen in One Punch Man chapter 174 (Image via Yusuke Murata)

The next chapter could also follow Fubuki, who was traveling somewhere with the whole Blizzard group. However, before going to meet that certain person, she might arrive at the Hero Association’s apartments to pick up Saitama to join her.

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