The Japanese city and site of the Olympic Games that inspired you? Saitama from One Punch Man

The anime universe has several titles available to entertain its viewers, and one of the most chosen lately is A punch. Such is the clamor that has been won that this was one of the withdrawals that users of the Netflix service have regretted the most this month, although fans will have the opportunity to see its episodes on the Crunchyroll platform. .

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s its synopsis: “Saitama started out as a hero out of pure hobby, and after three years of extremely hard training, he has reached such a level of strength that he can take down any enemy with a single punch. Now , the exciting life he expected to have has turned into a life of utter boredom. But will there be someone on his level among all the heroes in the world? And a villain capable of him make shadow ? “.

The manga was created by the artist One and it was first released on July 3, 2009 as a webcomic which quickly gained popularity reaching 8 million views. Maybe you noticed that the name of the main character comes from a city in Japan and it is because the author was born and currently lives in Saitama prefecturelocated on the island of Honshū.

This location is currently one of the most important sites of the Olympic Games which are being developed in the Japanese nation, because there is the Saitama Super Arena. The stadium, with a capacity of 37,000, can accommodate various sports, but in Tokyo 2020 is the house of basketballwhere the stars of the NBA will shine.

In addition to sports disciplines such as football, boxing and figure skatingit is also a suitable place for concerts, conferences and other events. It also has the attraction of having the John Lennon Museum in which original memorabilia of the Beatles member are on display. Here we only focus on the head office, but the city of Saitama contains more attractions that have surely been a source of inspiration for A punchjust like Setagaya Prefecture, Tokyo.


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