This Moomin-themed hotel room in Saitama lets you live in a Finnish fairy tale

If you have already visited Saitama Moominvpark alleyand wish you didn’t have to leave, consider spending the night at one of the park’s official hotels, one of which has been revamped like a fairy tale.

Photo: Oku-Musashi Kyukamura

Only 30 minutes drive from the theme park, Hotel Oku Musashi Kyukamura unveiled its new Moomin special room. The furniture in this cozy bedroom is adorned with nothing but Moomin, from the bedspreads and throw pillows to the rug, and there’s plenty of adorable stuffed animals to snuggle up with.

Photo: Oku-Musashi Kyukamura

You will forget you are in Japan when you admire the beautiful green scenery from the balcony. Be sure to rent one of the hotel’s yukata when you’re relaxing – they’re also printed with adorable Moomintrolls.

Moomin Valley Park Hotel
Photo: Oku-Musashi Kyukamura

All guests receive freebies like slippers, a hairbrush, a towel, and a tote bag printed with the theme park logo. A night in the Moomin Special Room starts at ¥22,000 per person, which includes breakfast, dinner, a theme park discount coupon, and even the chance to purchase park-exclusive Moomin merchandise. The hotel also offers a free ride to and from Moominvalley Park at specific times of the day.

Moomin Valley Park
Photo: Moomin Valley Park

When visiting Moominvalley Park be sure to stop at the beautiful Sky Umbrella, with 200 colorful umbrellas hanging on a 1,200m path. The multicolored umbrellas are out until August 29.

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