Twitter loses it after Saitama does the unthinkable

A punch fans are excited as Chapter 167 was released a few hours ago. There has been a ton of development in the manga, and the entire fan base has taken to social media platforms to express what they think of the manga series. There is no doubt that Murata has outdone himself and the art style seems more polished with each chapter he releases.

The fight between Garou and Saitama continues as both give their all. Fans have never seen Saitama so livid, even stating that he would beat Garou with one hand. Things got out of hand, forcing Blast and his comrades to intervene early in the chapter. Let’s see how the A punch fanbase reacted to chapter 167

A punch : Twitter Is Going Crazy Over The Events That Happened In Chapter 167

Right away, fans appreciated Murata sensei’s art. Murata sensei’s attention to detail in every panel sets him above the rest. The way he captures certain scenes and the choice of angles gives him a dynamic quality that is very difficult to implement when the medium is two-dimensional and uses still images.

#onepunchman #OPM New One Punch Man Chapter 167 (212) Spoilers! Yusuke Murata is the greatest manga artist! This art!!! Beautiful !!!

@bdWPsauxisl4uQZ Yusukue Murata and ONE are the greatest manga DUO of all time and you can’t convince me otherwise.

One of the highlights of this chapter is that Saitama not only said he beat Garou with one hand, but he even shattered the moon’s surface with his Serious Table Flip. It shocked everyone A punch fanbase because of his destructive force with one arm.

@howlxiart Yeah casually devastating moons love to see it

Another thing that fans certainly appreciated was when Garou decided to use portals against Saitama. Not only was it ineffective since the Caped Baldy was able to react well in time, he even managed to grab the hyperspace gates and landed a punch as Garou was about to teleport away. Saitama was unimpressed with Garou’s ability to use portals and managed to inflict a good amount of damage on him.

@howlxiart Saitama said “Now I play with portals”

Given the current turn of events, all A punch fanbase is convinced that Garou will soon be defeated. He intended to see Saitama in full power and now that the Caped Baldy has decided to let loose, Garou won’t be alive for long. It’s a matter of time before Saitama decides to beat him for good.

Fans seem thrilled to see Saitama being so serious in a fight. Usually, he doesn’t really show his emotions due to the thoroughness of his efforts when dealing with “strong” villains. Now that Genos has been killed and Garou has irritated him, Saitama has not only gotten angry, but even hit back at him. It had it all A punch excited fanbase.

@Sakuuda “You’re just a man” for a guy with the powers of a god is so cold

@Sakuuda Is that what he says here? Damn I like serious Saitama.

Fans are excited to see how the next chapters of the series will pan out since the manga is at a crucial stage. The fan base is eagerly awaiting the conclusion of this fight, and they are getting a glimpse of Saitama’s true potential. Another interesting aspect is Blast and his comrades, which the manga will explore soon enough.

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